Revealing the Best Time to Take BCAA for Maximum Benefits

Branched-chain amino acids or BCAA supplements have created a rage in the fitness industry and are primarily known to boost testosterone, increase energy, drive muscle growth, and repair tissues. BCAAs are a set of essential nutrients that comprise leucine, isoleucine, and valine that fuel your body when the glycogen stores are running low in energy. While leucine in BCAA powders works to boost muscle protein synthesis, especially after workouts, Valine removes fatigue and helps you stay energized before or during workouts. Besides, isoleucine, another star ingredient in the league aids muscle and tissue repair and helps you stay active and focused. In other words, while trying to achieve an aesthetic body, it’s not just enough to get one of these nutrients but all three BCAAs to maximize the body-building benefits. 

Through this blog post, we aim to highlight some interesting facts on BCAA protein powders and the best ways to use them for maximum benefits. Let’s start!

The Best Ratio of BCAAS-

To achieve body-building results fast, it’s important to get not only enough BCAAs but also to get them in proper ratio as well. Most fitness experts tout a 2-1-1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine as the best bet. Thus, you must ensure that 6 grams of BCAA protein powder must provide about 3 grams of leucine and 1.5 grams each of isoleucine and valine. 

Use but Don’t Abuse

It is not common to spot bodybuilders carrying a sipper full of flavored BCAA powder mixed with water. Many fitness enthusiasts sip on the protein shake all day long to pamper their muscles in hope that getting smaller doses of BCAA help to reduce muscle loss and boost protein synthesis for faster muscle gain. However, it is far different from reality. Getting excess BCAA at regular intervals may prevent spikes in muscle protein synthesis, thus interfering with muscle mass gain. 

When Should I take BCAA Protein Supplements for the Best Results?

BCAAs are workout supplements formulated to charge up your body for strenuous exercise and aiding post-workout recovery. Therefore, you must cycle BCAA intake to maximize the results. Here is a priority list by fitness experts you can follow to reach your fitness goals fast- 

  • Priority 1- To charge up for workouts
  • Time to take- 30 minutes before exercise 
  • Priority 2- Driving muscle growth and recovery
  • Time to take- Within 30 minutes after workouts
  • Priority 3- Spiking muscle protein synthesis between meals
  • Time to take- 2 hours after meals
  • Priority 4- To ramp up the leucine content of a diet
  • Time to take- With meals that contain less than 30 grams of protein

Where to buy the best BCAA protein powder online in India?

At present, several brands are coming up with BCAA protein powders. 

However, their effectiveness and safety depend on the raw materials used in their manufacturing. Therefore, you must check the authenticity and certification of these products before opening your wallet to purchase them. For best results, check out Nutrafirst BCAA Protein Powder in raw chocolate flavor online at the best price here. 

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