What makes BCAA protein powders a great health supplement?

If we ask gym-goers about their favorite workout supplement, many of them would answer BCAA protein powder. It’s for a good reason. BCAAs are crucial for muscle recovery and lean muscle mass gain which makes them go-to’s of bodybuilders and gym trainers. Here, we will be discussing why gym-goers and fitness freaks should make BCAAs … Continue reading “What makes BCAA protein powders a great health supplement?”

Bcaa vs Amino Acids – What is Better?

There is the argument when you ask the question which is better amino or protein shakes? that yes, aminos can be actually better than protein and that they can be used for specific purposes but overall the protein shake has so much more stuff in them rather than just normal protein that this makes the … Continue reading “Bcaa vs Amino Acids – What is Better?”

How BCAA Protein Powder Helps You Get the Most of Your Workouts

Accounting for 14-18% of the makeup of the amino acids in your muscles, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are critical to your muscle protein production. There are nine essential amino acids that the body cannot produce itself and must consume through food and supplements. Of those, L-Leucine, L-IsoLeucine, and L-Valine play a key role in … Continue reading “How BCAA Protein Powder Helps You Get the Most of Your Workouts”

How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass and Look Attractive

Need to pack on mass? Don’t sweat it, try the age-old method – just hit the gym, lift some weights, add more calories to your eating routine, and repeat. However, assuming it’s particularly the lean muscle mass that you need to add, you’ll need a more detailed game plan.  From the food sources you eat … Continue reading “How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass and Look Attractive”

Working Out Heavily? Try a Result-oriented Intake of BCAAs

If it has been a while you have been working out hard in the gym, there is a fair chance you have heard about BCAAs and might as well started taking it. But have you ever wondered what BCAAs are and how much you should consume them. Let’s understand in a nutshell. There are 20 … Continue reading “Working Out Heavily? Try a Result-oriented Intake of BCAAs”

Decoding BCAA & the Intake Benefits of BCAA Protein Powder

Several trainers might have repeated this in the gym, “Your BCAA intake is low”, “You are not taking enough BCAAs” and more to their trainees. So, considering the trainer’s advice you guys just get yourself a box of BCAA protein powder without actually knowing why it is needed and how it is going to help … Continue reading “Decoding BCAA & the Intake Benefits of BCAA Protein Powder”

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