Turmeric Curcumin benefits you can’t afford to miss

Turmeric, a cherished cousin of ginger holds immense importance in the Indian kitchens and accounts for a plethora of uses in the field of cooking and traditional medicine. Botanically known as Curcuma longa, this rhizomatous herb is used to impart a beautiful yellow color to authentic Indian dishes and is admired for its earthy aroma & citrusy bitterness. Apart from its folk culinary importance, turmeric or haldi makes a wonderful go-to fix for a variety of health problems.

Although most Indian cuisines are loaded with an appreciable amount of turmeric; some people don’t prefer to make it a part of their regular diet. As a result, they remain deprived of all the good things it can do to their bodies. Keeping such aspects in mind, certain nutraceutical companies like Nutrafirst have launched Turmeric curcumin capsules that make a convenient alternative to the traditional spice. Today, we are here to present you with turmeric’s best health benefits to make you look up and rethink its usage in your food or as a supplement.

Turmeric Curcumin Capsules

1. Turmeric for rheumatic pain relief-

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory agents have been instrumental in relieving chronic inflammation in joints and muscles. Indeed, this aromatic spice is being used by many folk communities for treating maladies such as osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain. Besides, the antioxidants, polyphenols and curcumin present in this herb destroy the free radicals in the body that damage the cells. People suffering from inflammatory problems should consider using pure turmeric powder every day for healthy living.

2. Turmeric for cognitive health-

Curcumin, a powerful organic compound in turmeric is linked with better brain health. As per researches, curcumin helps repair the stem cells in the brain and enhances cognition, especially in the elderly. Stem cells are the special cells in the body that aid in recovery from serious neurodegenerative troubles such as brain stroke or Alzheimer’s. Additionally, turmeric makes a wonderful memory booster and improves cognitive behavior.

3. Turmeric for healthy digestion-

If consumed raw while experiencing a gastrointestinal problem, turmeric can provide immense relief from the condition.  The valuable constituents in this organic herb instigate the production of bile juice, thus making the process of digestion easier and also enhance nutrient absorption in the intestines. Additionally, it makes a wonderful tool to relieve bloating and gas.

4. Turmeric as an antiseptic-

Remember how your grandma used to rush to the kitchen to grab a pinch of turmeric to treat any cut, burn, or infection? Well, turmeric’s antibacterial and antiseptic components indeed.

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