Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets
Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets

Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets

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    Product Description

    Garcinia Cambogia is a popular fruit from Southeast Asia, the rind of which contains an active agent known as HCA (Hydroxycitric acid). Garcinia Cambogia is also known as Gummi-Gutta but commonly portrayed as Garcinia cambogia across the world. In the recent past, this pumpkin shaped-fruit was titled as “the holy grail of weight loss” due to its fat-burning abilities.

    Garcinia Cambogia Herbs are found in green and yellow colour and used for a variety of uses including cuisines owing to its medicinal properties. The fruit is extensively grown in the tropical regions of south-west India and also encompasses other Asian countries. Due to its herbal properties, it is used in traditional medicine as a natural laxative which gives it immense popularity among people.

    Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia Tablets come Garcinia cambogia extract with 70% HCA (Hydroxy Citric Acid), Green Tea extract (90%), Guggul extract and Piperine for weight loss, improved metabolism & digestion, and body detox. Certain fruits and vegetables are known for expediting weight loss and Garcinia Cambogia is a star ingredient in that league. Commonly known as Malabar Tamarind, this tropical fruit has a greenish-yellow to pale red color and resembles a cross between a pumpkin and a tomato. It comes power-packed with key nutrients such as Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) along with other vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, minerals, and amino acids. Traditionally, it is used as a flavoring agent in many authentic South Indian curries and chutneys. However, the valuable constituents in the Garcinia Cambogia extract tablet offer a multitude of health benefits, with weight management as the prime of all. Include Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Tablets in your fitness regime and experience optimal weight loss naturally!

    Let’s understand the best health benefits associated with this dietary supplement:

    • Supports Weight Loss: These Garcinia Cambogia tablets come enriched Garcinia cambogia with 70% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that inhibits the action of citrate lyase enzyme that converts carbs into body fat, thus leading to weight loss.
    • Helps Controlling Frequent Food Cravings: The phytochemicals present in the extract of this herbal supplement enhances the level of Serotonin, also known as the ‘happy hormone’ and reduces unwanted hunger pangs under emotional circumstances.
    • Lowers Inflammation & Blood Glucose Levels: Anti-inflammatory and anti-glycemic agents in this natural fat-burner lower inflammation in tissues & joints and regulate blood glucose levels for optimal wellness.
    • Detoxify the Body: This amazing supplement contains antioxidants that help protect cells from oxidative stress and aids remove toxins from the body, thus keeping the intestines clear and warding off excessive weight gain.


    Each Garcinia Cambogia weight loss tablet contains-

    • Garcinia Cambogia Extract with 70% HCA - 500 mg

    • Guggul Extract - 50 mg

    • Green tea Extract - 250 mg

    • Piperine - 10 mg

    To reap optimal results, take 1 Garcinia Cambogia tablet (at least 30 minutes before meals) twice daily with a glass of lukewarm water.

    78 reviews for Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia with 70% HCA for Weight Loss – 60 Tablets

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    Based on 78 reviews
    1. Amit Singhal

      Amazing Product I have just started it and feeling light and active. Waiting for more results.

    2. Kanika Srivastava

      It effectively help reduce weight . I have lost around 3 kgs in one month.

    3. Vasu Duggal

      Very useful and effective product that it helps u lose weight in a slow and steady manner. Happy, and must try!

    4. Sungandha Kamra

      Effective product. Using it from one week now and already notice a difference- my appetite has decrease and I feel full and help avoid binge eating. No side effects.

    5. Preeti Chhabra

      After childbirth, i put on a lot of weight due to which I always feel lack of energy. After using these Garcinia Cambogia extract for two months now, I have lost around 5 kgs and I feel much active and confident now

    6. Archana Thakur

      By using Garcinia cambogia capsules, I lost 10 kgs in 40 days. Hurray! i can now wear all my favorite dresses with confidence once again.

    7. Abhilash Tyagi

      Everyone my friends family praise my good health. i have become fit and lost lots of weight. it is because of garcinia Cambodia fat burner supplements. Thanks for such a good solution.

    8. Utsav Seth

      My journey of weight loss issues came to end when I started using garcinia cambogia weight loss supplements. it is natural,pure, and effective. improved my entire personality.

    9. Utsav Seth

      My journey of weight loss issues came to end when I started using garcinia cambogia weight loss supplements. it is natural,pure, and effective. improved my entire personality.

    10. kamini matharu

      I was obese and overweight for the past two years. Started using this herbal supplement three months back and lost 10 kgs, now i feel much confident and active. Hurray

    11. Kritarth Rai

      My stomach has gone too big in size due to extra fat. No, i am relieved that keto reduced it successfully. i lost 15 kg in the last 5 months. aur abhi bhi use kar rha hu..full energy bhi milti hai isse

    12. Nidhi Jain

      I feel happy, when I look in the mirror every morning. As, I lost my 8kgs by using Garcinia Cambogia.

    13. Vineet Seth

      I lost three kg in a month without any extra effort or tough dieting. Garcinia Cambogia is safe and effective for weight loss.

    14. Priti Joshi

      My friend suggested this diet product to me. After 2 months of use, I lost over 3 kgs extra body weight. Ab jyada fresh aur active feel karti hu. The best part- i got no side effects. Liking it very much. Recommend

    15. savita kamra

      I have used garcinia pills for over month and surprised to see a noticeable difference in my food habits, I feel light and active, lost 1-2 kgs weight also. nice product, must try

    16. Neelam Yadav

      I have been using Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia for 2 weeks, and I love it!!!!!!!! I realize the visible change in my body; my husband complimented me on my shape after just 2 weeks!!!!!

    17. Ankit Gupta

      I am using Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia every day and it really helped me keeping my weight under control. I exercise more than regularly and eat well by avoiding fast food.

    18. अंजलि रोय

      पेट की चर्बी कम करने के लिए गार्सिनिया कैंबोगिया सुरक्षित और अच्छा दवा है। मेने अपना वजन 60kgs से 55kgs कम किया है|

    19. Shruti Pandey

      Good variety of weight loss product, actually liked it and I will surely recommend to my friends, who are distressed due to obesity and its related health concerns.

    20. Harish Khatri

      Very happy with the effective results of Garcinia in weight loss. Like the product. Past 10 days I am using it on a daily basis, Good response with exercise and proper diet.

    21. Smita Parida

      Great and effective product for weight loss… I am consuming daily for cholesterol management, better immunity and increased metabolism.

    22. Tushar Kashyap

      Hello I am Tushar Kashyap… I am sharing my personal experience. I am regular user of Garcinia Cambogia, and lost 2.5 kg weight within 1 month. I am satisfied with Nutrafirst services.

    23. Arsha Khan

      Mein apne extra belly fat se bhut paresaan thi.. extra fat ki wajaha se mene apne short dresses, gown, hot pants wear karna chod diya tha…or college me sab mujhe moti bolte the.. ek din mene google pe Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia ka advertisement dekha..phir mene iko online purcahse kiya.. M 3 months se regulalrly isko use kar rahi hu… ab mene 5kg weight lose kiya hai..

    24. Anvi Pandey

      I recommend every obese men and women to use Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia as a weight loss dietary supplement, which will not only helps in weight loss but boost your energy and immunity by keeping you energetic throughout the day.

    25. Shivam Shivaay

      Good in taste…easy to use and very effective for weight loss.

    26. Prateeka Rai

      mein apni pet ki charbi se bhut paresaan thi… mene gym, exercise, workout and dieting bhi kiya…but koi result nhi mila.. phir mene Nutrafirst ka garcinia cambogia use kiya… 2 months m mene 4kg lose kiya hai

    27. Supriya Mujumdar

      This weight loss supplement is a great for weight has changed completley in one monthe. i reduced so much weight 4 kg. it is unbelievable

    28. Vinay Kumar

      Good variety of product for weight loss, I liked it and I will surely recommend to my friends and family member, who are distressed due to heavy weight.

    29. Abhinav Banga

      i could turn into a fit person because of garcinia cambogia. initially i was weighing around 90+ but garcinia capsules reduced my 15 kg weight.

    30. Shweta aggarwal

      Mai ab exhaust feel nahi karta. Kaafi time se Garcinia use kar rha hu. You won’t believe it is good for entire health.

    31. Deepak Rawat

      I have lost my body weight up to 4 kg in two months. Isn’t that amazing? I am feeling relieved now.

    32. Piyush goyal

      these supplements have improved my metabolism. so happy to get it. now I am using this regularly.,

    33. Hemlata Yadav

      I have no craving for food, earlier I used to eat lots of food. My habit changed now. Feeling energetic now with new body.

    34. Gurpreet kaur

      My underactive thyroid glands made me gain excessive body weight that ruined my appearance. This bottle of herbal garcinia pills came as a boon to me. Within 1 month of using these tablet, my body felt light and active. I am using it from last 3 months and has lost 7 kgs. It is a superb product. Must try

    35. Bhanvi Singh

      I had a problem of nausea but I am happy. I am relaxed….this is good

    36. Ritika Yadav

      I heard about it and used it for weight loss. I really owe this product for reducing my weight. I lost 20 kg in 3 months. Isn’t that amazing?

    37. Khushboo Pandey

      My work schedule doesn’t allow me to give proper time to exercise and dieting. But, with the regular intake of Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia, I am able to lose weight without tough dieting and exercise.

    38. Sarita Pandey

      Mein apne extra belly fat se bhut paresaan thi….ek din meri friend ne mujhe Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia suggest kiya….. mene isko 2 months regular use kiya with proper exercise and dieting. Mein iske positive result se satisfied hu.

    39. Manpreet Kaur

      This product is too good in weight loss and it makes the process of losing weight easy without any side effects.

    40. Ridhi Pandey

      I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia for 2 months, lost 4kg weight. Thanks Nutrafirst for offering this natural weight loss product.

    41. Ravita Pandey

      It is great and effective weight loss product. I feel so energetic after using Garcinia Cambogia. I just love this product.

    42. piyush mehra

      The packaging of the product is really nice. i have been using the products continuously for four months. i ordered two products fish oil and ultra josh. both are too good. ultra josh is extraordinary.

    43. vaibhavi mishra

      i used keto. i am really happy with the results. it has been around 3 months, i have lost the fat from the body and enjoying my life now.

    44. Deepesh agrawal

      not only the products, but services are also good. they delivered my product on time

    45. Shreya Pandey

      Nutrafirst Garcinia Cambogia shows effective results in weight loss without any side effects due to availability of natural Green coffee bean, Garcinia Cambogia and Guggul.

    46. Satyam Pandit

      100% natural and safe for losing unwanted body fat.

    47. Manish Pandey

      This product is so good in losing heavy body weight. Take this weight loss product on regular basis without any gap with physical exercise.

    48. Shruti Khatri

      This product is so good; it makes easy weight loss process. You can easily notice the difference, when you take on regular basis.

    49. Fatima Ali

      I ordered this product after reading the user reviews. I must say that this is no magic pill for weight loss but it shows the best weight loss when taken with healthy diet. Also, you must exercise to see the best results.

    50. Suman Pokhriyal

      Nutrafirst Garcinia cambogia is an excellent weight loss product for all who want to get slim. My friend is using this ayurvedic medicine for a 2 months and has already lost 5 kgs of his weight. The best thing is that it is 100 percent natural and can be taken for long time without any side effect. Keep it up nutrafirst.

    51. Juhi Thapar

      Helped me lose weight. Thank you nutrafirst.

    52. Tanvi Batra

      I have been using this product for 17 days. Bhookh kam lag rahi hai and chusti furti hai body mai. Lost a little weight also.

    53. Gurpreet kaur

      It is a effective product, I started Nutrafirst Garcinia one week ago and already started to notice some changes. Excited to see more results.

    54. Luna Disuja

      Good product.

    55. Roli Bhardwaj

      Original product. Go for it.

    56. Drashti Supara

      I ordered Nutrafirst garcinia at amazon and receive product in good condition. Started it last week, waiting for the results.

    57. Kamna Jaglan

      After using Garcinia cambogia for 1.5 month I can see some changes in my body weight, seems it is working. Feeling happy.

    58. Laxmi Ayyar

      The product is effective in weight loss. Recommend.

    59. Mamta Nair

      Effective product, after using nutrafirst garcinia for 15 days results were visible. Another good thing about it is that it keep me active throughout the day and do not have any side effect. My digestion is improved and look for more positive results. Nice product, go for it.

    60. Laila Jain

      Nutrafirst Garcinia is totally vegetarian and it really work for weight loss.

    61. Shtasthi Dogre

      I am not a fan of diet and supplements and was rather afraid to use them because of the side effects. But I know a friend using it and after using it for a few weeks, she lost 3 kilos of her weight. This product is purely herbal and do not cause any side effects. Good product by Nutrafirst.

    62. Kavita Agarwal

      Very helpful in weigt loss when taken in proper way along healthy diet and exercise. I takes 1 capsule half an hour before breakfast and 1 capsule in the evening before going to the gym. It makes me feel more active and has helped me get in shape.

    63. Nusrat Jahan

      Genuine product, good delivery by amazon.

    64. Pallavi Patel

      Really happy and satisfied with the product. Must try product for people trying to lose weight.

    65. Lalita Thapa

      Helpful in weight loss, veg capsules for vegetarians. After tking Nutrafirst garcinia cambogia, my diet reduced and I look thin now.

    66. Parul Narang

      Nutrafirst Garcinia cambogia was delivered on time and it came in a beautiful and airtight bottle. I have been eating this capsules for over two weeks. It gives a full feeling and help me avoid overeating. The product is easy for use and have not caused any side effect till now. With proper diet and exercise it show results. Take two tablets daily with water before meals. My food intake reduced remarkably. Overall good product.

    67. Kusumita Ghosh

      Hello guys, I take garcinia capsule before going to gym, it make me feel energetic and helped me lose extra weight. Thanks Nutrafirst.

    68. Simi Naaz

      This is my first time using weight loss product, it helped me lose some of my belly fat. Kudos!

    69. Radha Mudgal

      I eat two capsules of this medicines and it make me less hungry. Not much weight loss, average product.

    70. Simran Sirohi

      Good prod for weight loss, used it for 2 months now and lose my 1 kg weight. feel less hungry and active, aur iska koi sideeffect bhi nhi hai

    71. Kumar Swami

      Hello friends, Nutrafirst Garcinia cambogia reach me in nice green plastic bottle. There were no empty capsules in the pack. Must say it is one of the best weight loss product. The capsules are easy to swallow and can be taken at different time in a day. Garcinia capsule helped me lose weight without side effects but some people may feel upset tummy or head ache after eating these capsules.

    72. Ajay Balan

      Purchased for my sis, product delivered on time, she is using it for few days and she feel light.

    73. Pragya Mehta

      I start taking it 2 weeks ago, feel a slight change in hunger pangs. Waiting for weight loss results.

    74. ASHU


    75. Suman Sharma

      I bought this supplement in June and complete my first month will diet.. product is working but not fully satisfied i just loss my weight 4.5 kg in one month.. if any one interested can buy its work fine

    76. Ajay kalyan

      This product work perfectly . thanks for give me this supplement Nutrafirst. i loss my weight 5 kg in just 25 days.

    77. Manish Kumar (verified owner)

      Best Weight Loss Product….

    78. Jai Chauhan

      This product is great!

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