Healthy Comfort Foods to Have This Diwali

The countdown for Diwali has started, and we can’t hold back our excitement. While we are adoring the festive energy and looking forward to the delicacies that will continue in these two or three days, one can’t deny the effect that it would have on our waistline. In addition to that, on the off chance … Continue reading “Healthy Comfort Foods to Have This Diwali”

How Fasting During Navratri Also Helps in Weight Loss?

A nine-day celebration where you put in extra efforts to look and feel special along with paying your respect to the Goddess Durga and her many forms is what Navratri festivities sums up for. Special attention is given to fasting, where people abstain from unnecessary oily, spicy and non-vegetarian food. The science behind fasting supports … Continue reading “How Fasting During Navratri Also Helps in Weight Loss?”

Easy Weight Loss With Green Coffee Capsules

On the recent trends on weight loss, green coffee extracts have come out as the newest, revolutionary natural product that is working like a miracle for many people. Several studies linked to its performance as a weight-loss product, have led to the conclusion that you can shed up to 2 pounds of weight just by … Continue reading “Easy Weight Loss With Green Coffee Capsules”

Is Garcinia Cambogia Still Relevant and Effective for Weight Loss in Today’s Time?

At the time when we are surrounded by a variety of health supplements for weight loss, the question that health-conscious people often ask – is Garcinia Cambogia still relevant? Losing weight for most people is an uphill task. As people struggle to reduce their body fat, they also look for advantages that can help them … Continue reading “Is Garcinia Cambogia Still Relevant and Effective for Weight Loss in Today’s Time?”

4 Weight Loss Tips for Would-be Grooms

It’s September and officially the start of wedding season. And when the wedding season is on, it brings along various weight loss aspirations not only from the brides-to-be but also from the grooms-to-be. Nobody has actually thought that guys are equally conscious of their wedding looks and they also want to look lean and smart … Continue reading “4 Weight Loss Tips for Would-be Grooms”

The Buzz around Green Coffee & Weight Loss – Myths v/s Reality!

There is a lot of buzz around green coffee and its weight loss benefits. While folks often switch to the healthier alternative of tea and coffee – green tea for a drink but green coffee is more often available in the form of green coffee capsules, green coffee powder, and others in supplement form. Nevertheless, … Continue reading “The Buzz around Green Coffee & Weight Loss – Myths v/s Reality!”

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