Boost Your Testosterone Levels With Natural T-Boosters

In your early twenties, you’re invincible. You have immense physical stamina and energy at workouts and in the bedroom. Once you hit 40 though, your vigor, energy, and strength begin to fade away. The culprit? Dipping levels of the male hormone, testosterone. A male body produces the maximum amount of testosterone in the late teen years and once you cross your mid-thirties, you are more likely to experience 1% decline in testosterone, per year. 

Once considered the problem of the elderly, testosterone deficiency is not uncommon in millennials nowadays. All thanks to higher stress, low physical activities, nutritional deficiencies, bad lifestyle practices. A low level of testosterone not only triggers an array of health problems but can take a toll on your relationship with your partner as well. Fortunately, certain herbs can help you reach healthy testosterone levels naturally. Let’s explore! 


Shilajit is a gummy exudate that drizzles through the cracks in the rocky Himalayan Mountains. The greyish-black, sticky resin comprises 44 amino acids, fulvic acid, vitamins, and minerals that rejuvenate the body and ensure overall wellbeing. Shilajit is also known as ‘Indian Viagra’ and works wonders to boost testosterone. Key nutrients in the organic compound improve sperm count and semen quality and lower the chances of premature ejaculationand erectile dysfunction. 


Since many young men today suffer low testosterone levels due to higher levels of stress, Ashwagandha makes a wonderful remedy. It can be credited to its natural adaptogenic properties. Valuable compounds in the herb reduce cortisol production in the body and lower stress, which in turn, boosts testosterone and helps you achieve healthy libido. Also, ancient texts about sexuality tout ashwagandha as the ‘ignitor of sex’, and naturopaths recommend taking ashwagandha (as a herb or capsules) to all those men and women suffering from sexual or psychotic problems.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli is another star performer in the league of natural aphrodisiacs and makes an excellent testosterone booster. Botanically known as Chlorophytum Borivilium comes fortified with essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that condition the male reproductive system and help achieve healthy libido. Besides, valuable compounds in Safed Musli Extract Capsules act as vasodilator and dilate the blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the genitals, thus boost sex drive. Regular consumption of Safed Musli prevents premature ejaculation, low sperm count, and erectile dysfunction. 

These are three common herbs that are revered in the field of Ayurveda for their natural aphrodisiac properties. If you are diagnosed with low testosterone levels or sperm count, have unhealthy libido or suffer bedroom anxiety, incorporate any of these herbs in your fitness regimes and feel the difference. Besides, herbal testosterone boosters such as Nutrafirst Ultra Josh Capsules make another wonderful tool to ramp up your t-levels naturally. These capsules come packed with a blend of 5 testosterone boosting herbs and are free from harsh chemicals.

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