5 Doable Tips to Make Your Hair Regrow

Hair problems are getting common by the day. Men and women alike are facing problems with hair growth. There are folks, who as early as in their 20s have come across problems like bald patches, uneven hair, hair thinning, dry and frizzy hair, dandruff, irritation, hair strands that won’t grow ever, and more. Turns out, hair problems are not as big as they seem if they are treated rightly and on time. Most people remain skeptic of one thing – trying out supplements for hair growth. But little do they realize that once you come across hair problems, your hair needs additional support to regrow and stay maintained at a certain length. For the uninitiated, hair regrowth capsules can turn out to be a boon when accompanied with some effective hair care habits. So here are 5 expert tips to encourage hair growth, regardless of your gender and current hair length:

Nutrafirst Hair Growth Capsules
  1. Cleanse & Massage your Scalp: Start at the source – the scalp. The key to hair growth is to keep your scalp clean with gentle washes, massage the scalp to improve blood flow, relieve stress, and stimulate the hair follicles. While regular hair cleansing ensures there is no buildup product, dirt and oil around your follicle opening, which may block your hair growth; massaging encourages circulation and ensures vital nutrients and oxygen is delivered to the hair follicles.
  2. Take Hair Regrowth Capsules: When confronting a hair-related problem, you should not shy away from adding hair regrowth capsules to your dietary regime. Such supplements carry a combination of ingredients and nutrients which otherwise wouldn’t be found in our diets. For instance, Nutrafirst Hair Growth Capsules feature a rare combination of ingredients – extracts of herbs such as bhringraj, yashtimadhu, brahmi, hibiscus, ashwagandha, and shankhapushpi all of which stimulate hair growth effectively.
  3. Protect your Hair from Physical Damage: This involves keeping your hair protected from hard brushing, damage caused by daily wear and tear, and more. Especially women who want to keep a certain level of hair length must shy away from keeping too tight hairstyles as they can cause their hair a lot of friction, which weakens the hair follicles. Also, it is not recommended to keep a similar hairstyle regularly as it puts constant pressure on the same spot leading to damaged hair in a particular area.
  4. Keep your Hair Moisturized: Hair is possibly the driest thing in your body. And if you want to make it grow constantly, you need to keep it moisturized. When hair is dry, it turns brittle and brittle hair breaks easily. You can keep you hair moisturized by regular oiling and using a conditioner.
  5. Trim your Hair Regularly: Well, this sounds common and clichéd but is true. But how does trimming help in hair growth? Hair trimming helps shearing off the dead ends of hair, which ensures that your hair is free from breakage. Breakage gets in the way of your hair growth as hair growth stems from follicles on the scalp.

Summing up, while following these tips, try to keep your hair away from heat treatments and have a balanced diet as well. Also, to give your hair regrowth efforts an additional push, resort to hair growth capsules for 3-4 months regularly so that you can win over any nutritional shortcomings.

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