Testosterone is the hormone that plays a crucial role in enhancing a man’s health. Whether it is about maintaining sexual health, achieving lean muscle mass, deepening of the voice or facial hair growth, this bioactive chemical has a lot to do to ensure optimal health in men. However, with growing age, most men experience a drop in t-levels and its deficiency gives rise to a variety of problems such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and hair loss. In such cases, they would want to discover a natural remedy to ramp up their t-levels. Fortunately, certain herbs make wonderful testosterone boosters that help you achieve desired t-levels for a satisfying intimate experience and optimal health. Let’s understand!

Maca Root

Maca is an Andean root, also referred to as an herb. This bulbous herb also shares a folk culinary importance and is used to impart an earthy flavor to traditional Peruvian dishes. Apart from that, maca root extract is revered in the field of traditional medicine for its ability to enhance sexual health in both men and women. Maca, also known as ‘Peruvian ginseng’ comes enriched with vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols that diligently work to prevent sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, infertility, unhealthy libido, and vaginal dryness.


Shilajit, which translates to ‘the destroyer of weaknesses’ and ‘conqueror of mountains’ is a gummy exudate that drizzles through the cracks of the Himalayas. The resin-like substance is made by the decomposition of plant matter over time and makes a rich source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fulvic acid, and antioxidants. This rejuvenating substance is being used in ayurvedic medicine for treating reproductive maladies such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, etc. for centuries. 


Ashwagandha, famously known as the winter cherry is another excellent addition to the league of natural testosterone boosters. Also, this amazing supplement comes fortified with a range of rejuvenating, essential nutrients that not only rejuvenate and energize the body but also release stress, and improve blood circulation in the genitals for better libido. Interestingly, Ashwagandha finds its mentioning in ‘Kama Sutra,’ the ancient Indian text about sexuality as a potent rejuvenator and ignitor of desire. Valuable constituents in Ashwagandha capsules help achieve healthy libido, maintain high sperm count, and virility. Apart from its testosterone-boosting benefits, winter cherry makes a natural adaptogen that releases stress and calms the mind. 

Safed Musli

Safed Musli is a rare herb from India that is revered by most naturopaths for its amazing abilities to boost testosterone. It is famously known as ‘Divya Aushadh’ and comes enriched with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that provide a boost to testosterone levels in men and help retain stamina and vigor. 

These are a few herbs that are revered in Ayurveda for their amazing properties to boost testosterone levels. Additionally, certain herbal supplements such as Nutrafirst Ultra Josh capsules (a blend of five testosterone boosting pills) make a cherry-pick for all those men suffering from low testosterone and unhealthy libido.