Achieving long, thick, and healthy hair is an all-time beauty goal for men and women. However, certain factors such as stressful living, nutritional deficiencies, environmental pollution, and heat & chemical treatments make achieving it a distant dream. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfil it. Certain ayurvedic treatments such as oil therapies have been ritualistic in India and people have used these methods to revive hair health for centuries. Here, we will be revealing some herbal oils that make the best remedy for quick hair growth. Before we roll out the list, let’s first understand the importance of oiling. 

Importance of Hair Oiling

Whether you have heard it from hair care experts, your granny, or read it online, in India, oil massages or champi is touted as a blanket solution for everything ranging from hair problems to stress relief. Oiling your hair regularly not only replenishes the strands with essential nutrients but improves blood circulation in the scalp, relaxes muscles, and relieves stress. While markets are loaded with a variety of hair oils that promise quick hair growth, you may get confused on which one to choose. Many of these products may be a mishmash of ingredients and may not deliver expected results. Natural oils, on the other hand, replenish strands with vital nutrients and promote healthy hair. Here are a few plant-based oils you can include in champi sessions and get ready to flaunt thick, strong, and lustrous hair.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil makes a cherry-pick for people with snail-paced hair growth. Lavender comes enriched with vitamins and minerals that speed up the production of hair cells and reduce stress. You can mix a few drops of lavender oil with a carrier oil of your choice such as olive or coconut oil, and directly apply it on the scalp. Let it rest for a few hours and then wash off using regular shampoo. 

Coconut Oil: When it comes to hair oils, you can’t skip the idea of using coconut oil. In fact, it is the most versatile yet popular oil for hair growth. It can be linked with vitamin E, fatty acids, and minerals in the oil that not only stimulates hair growth but makes hair soft, silky, and shiny. Don’t forget to heat the oil before getting a hair massage. 

Argan Oil: Native to the land of Morocco is derived from the fruits and nuts of the Argan tree. Also known as ‘liquid gold,’ this natural elixir is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that repair hair damage, strengthen hair follicles and curb dandruff. If you have frizzy or unmanageable hair, Moroccan argan hair oil is your golden ticket to reach your dream hair. 

Onion Oil: Onions are a common kitchen ingredient in Indian households. But, in recent times, they’re becoming much popular for their hair care benefits. The bulbous veggies from the allium family are rich in Sulphur mineral, which boosts the production of keratin, an infrastructural protein of the hair. Besides, vitamins and minerals in onion hair oil nourish hair roots and stimulate hair growth. 

These are a few impressive selections from a never-ending list of hair growth oils. You can add any of these oils or natural hair regain oil by trusted nutraceutical brands like Nutrafirst to your hair care regime for the best benefits. 

Summer is around the corner and it’s just the time to make sure that your hair looks their best. The scorching sun and hot & moist environmental conditions can draw the moisture out from your hair and make them dull, lifeless and unmanageable. In such situations, you may want to explore the best remedy that can help make your hair strong, smooth and shiny. Well, the simple rule to keep your crowning glory in good health is to coat them with herbal oils regularly. Indeed, hair oiling has been an age-old remedy to curb a plethora of hair-related issues. Today, we are here with a piece of interesting information on hair oiling, its importance and benefits.

Why oiling makes an important hair care routine?

Have you ever wondered how your grandma managed to wear long, thick, and shiny hair all her life? Well, the answer lies in her hair care regime that involves massaging her scalp with essential oil regularly. Indeed, hair oiling has a multitude of benefits for your mane. Massaging your scalp by applying just the right pressure not only helps increase the supply of oxygen-rich blood but opens the pores on the scalp as well. Besides, oiling your hair regularly provides much-needed nutrition to the hair follicles, strengthens them, improves texture and stimulate faster hair growth.

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How often should I oil my hair?

Since you now know the importance of oiling your hairs, it is obvious for you to think how often should you dunk your mane in essential oils? Well, most hair experts suggest oiling your hairs at least once or preferably twice in a week.

Which types of oil should I use?

At present, you may find the shelves of supermarkets, and pharmacies stacked with a range of cosmetic hair oils with impressive claims to boost the health of your hair magically. However; most of them may come laden with harsh chemicals that may do more harm to your tresses than good.

Most hair experts suggest using natural and herbal hair oil over cosmetic or synthetically produced hair oil. Nutrafirst hair regain oil is one of the best hair oils available in India. This ayurvedic formulation comes fortified with the power of rare Himalayan herbs such as Bhringraj, Olives, Neem oil, Coconut oil, Tusli, Chamomile, Lajwanti and Ashwagandha. Let’s quickly understand the ways these herbal extracts can improve the overall health of your hair.

Hair care benefits of hair regain oil-

This natural elixir can promote healthy hair in the following ways-

Bhringraj- Bringraj, also known as false daisy oil is most revered for its healthy properties and has been used for treating hair fall and promoting hair growth. It is highly effective in stopping hair fall, thinning of hairs, and stimulating faster hair growth. Besides, it keeps a check on hair discoloration.

Ashwagandha- Ashwagandha makes a wonderful stress-reliever and is believed to boost hair growth by calming the mind, improving the supply of oxygen-rich blood in the scalp and reducing the extent of hair fall.

Olives and coconut milk- It is no surprise that summer heat may draw moisture from your hair and leave them dull, coarse and brittle. Olives and coconut milk in this formulation seep inside the strands and lock in the moisture. Besides, these active ingredients improve the texture and impart a glossy sheen your mane.

Neem oil and Lajwanti- During summer days, your scalp deals with sweat, dust, and grime deposition on the scalp. These impurities can clog pores and even cause infections and allergies. Nutrafirst regain hair oil, in contrast, contains neem and lajwanti extract that are known for their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This hair oil diligently fights infections and promote a healthy scalp.

Where can I buy best hair oil in India?

You can buy best hair oil in India for men and women at the best price @ Nutrafirst and get free shipping, best discounts and safe method of payment on ayurvedic hair fall remedies.

Hair loss is a formidable situation and end number of men and women is facing it nowadays. What makes hair fall worrisome is the plethora of adulterated hair products, causing the hair to fall out more than usual. It is an illusion to get diverted to bewitching product labels that fail to give any base for the prevention of hair fall.

A number of chemicals are blended to make hair loss supplements look convincing for the buyers. However, when you come across noticing the results till then, it is too late. Even remaining hairs are not enough that you can think of giving treatment to. When it comes to pampering your hair, just by consuming supplements won’t give you the results that you are expecting.

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Give your hair something that it deserves. A natural remedy along with quality-filled oil which is brimming with essential nutrients, minerals, and proteins makes hair shinier, longer, and stronger. Choose our natural hair oil (hair regain oil) which is the best way to get long, thick, and healthy hair as its high-quality ingredients promote healthy hair growth. Hair needs proper nourishment before you think of splurging on good hair.

Let alone bouncy and stronger hair, the wrong choice in oil may end up giving you nothing but flat bald scalp that will do nothing but shine in the scorching  heat. Before you lose your confidence and anyone makes you feel embarrassed, try out our best remedy for hair fall Get natural growth for hair and use a natural oil to revitalize hair tissues, remove dandruff from the scalp, fight excessive hair fall, and tames frizz.

Nutrafirst hair regain oil effectively boosts the growth of the hair while giving it ultimate smoothness. Along with natural hair oil, you have to keep an eye on your eating plans and food items for the continuous supply of nutrition in the body.

The voluminous hair accentuates your personality and style, it doesn’t matter if you are dressed well, wearing scuffed or grimy shoes but good hair makes it all. So, ponder a lot before deciding a product for hair growth. Spending too much on redundant hair fall supplements or oils can be cumbersome on the financial front with no close result of hair growth.

The excessive hair loss can be troublesome in various ways, from dealing with embarrassment, losing confidence, building depression, to affecting health. Hair fall comes with a plethora of problems, causing a decline in the pace of your life.

The problem is formidable especially for women; it is their long curls that make them look beautiful and attractive. There are certain remedies to control hair fall which can be helpful if diagnosed on time.

The natural and effective tips to control hair fall-

Rinse hair with shampoo- It is not that the shampoo that your friend is using is suitable for your scalp also; you need to understand the requirement of your scalp and then choose the right shampoo. Rinse your scalp with shampoo that creates lather and removes dirt and dandruff while reducing the excess hair fall. Some shampoos quality is not good and brimming with chemicals that lead to excessive hair fall. In addition to this, over washing also damages the quality of the hair and speed up the process of hair fall.  

Always make sure that the shampoo is free from fillers and chemicals that include silicone, sodium chloride, synthetic fragrances, parabens, formaldehyde, and dimethicone. The mixture of chemicals in the shampoo can be attributed to the brittle hair that makes hair prone to breakage.

Diet and exercise- Nutrition is vital for good hair. If your body fails to get nutrients, your hairs will never get the proper nourishment they need. The bountiful of iron and protein is essential for the consistent growth of hair that you will get by eating a balanced diet in conjunction with regular exercises.  

Conditioner- Choosing a good conditioner is essential for your hair locks that often get detangled. The conditioner seals the cuticles and repairs the damaged hair. It is effective in locking nutrients in and vanishes pollutants stuck in the hair. This strengthens the hair shaft and curbs split ends, breakage, and excessive hair loss.

Regular oiling- Oiling being the underlying part of the hair health promotes better blood circulation while fighting against the tissue. Nutrafirst hair regain oil nourishes hair roots and facilitates blood flow and lymphatic.

Regular massage on the scalp makes the hair treatment more effective and worth putting your money into. This is the most important part that shouldn’t be shrugged off and needs to be paid attention to. Apply Nutrafirst hair regain oil on the scalp, remove dandruff and stop dandruff from forming.

All these tips are natural and effective to control hair from falling and keep the condition of your hair good if your daily routine entails all these steps.