Biotin supplements are acknowledged far and wide for their hair revitalizing properties. While most nutrition experts tout biotin as a natural remedy to boost hair growth, a lot of questions may strike your mind on what makes it so effective? Here, we will be discussing biotin and the best benefits you can reap by eating biotin-rich foods or supplementing with biotin regularly. Let’s begin! 

About Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, which makes an inevitable part of the vitamin B complex. The human body requires this organic compound to carry out vital body processes including fat metabolism and energy production. But nowadays, biotin has got tremendous popularity for its beauty benefits as it is said to benefit the human hair, skin, and nails altogether. Here are a few ways biotin can boost your appearance:

Biotin for Hair

Hair is probably the most noticeable part of your body and beautiful mane imparts positive impressions on anyone who sees you. However, most women and men today suffer hair fall, thinning, coarse and brittle hair due to a variety of factors. Getting enough biotin either through diet or supplement helps boost the production of keratin (hair’s infrastructural proteins) in the body, which adds strength to hair strands, repairs cellular damage, and adds a shine to the strands.

Biotin for Skin

After hair, your skin makes the second most noticeable part of your body and each one of us craves to get back the smooth, silky, and shiny skin we were born with. Our skin contains keratin protein as its infrastructural component, which plays a vital role in ensuring skin elasticity. When your body does not have enough biotin, it leads to sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. On the other hand, ensuring proper intake of biotin through natural sources or biotin capsules makes an excellent way to defy premature skin aging. Besides, biotin makes a wonderful humectant and helps seal moisture, thus preventing dry and flaky skin

Biotin for Nails

Hey girls! Are you fond of getting gel manicures and often make a trip to the nail salon? While occasional nail art sessions are fine, frequently exposing your nails to harsh chemicals can make them brittle and fragile. Since biotin aids keratin production in your body, supplementing with high-quality biotin capsules such as Nutrafirst Biotin can help keep your hair, skin, and nails in good shape. 

These are three interesting beauty benefits of biotin and getting enough of this water-soluble vitamin helps not only reach your beauty goal but ensuring overall wellness. 

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H is a part of B vitamins. Apart from enhancing overall health by regulating metabolizing fats and carbohydrates, this amazing component has a profound impact on the hair, nails, and skin as well. Today, we will be reviewing the best hair care benefits of the Biotin capsules. Let’s get started. 

In modern times of environmental pollution, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle, most men and women face a variety of problems related to hair fall, dandruff, hair thinning, and many others. Long, thick, and shiny hair is something that enhances your aesthetic beauty and leaves a good impression on anyone who sees you. In contrast, damaged, thin and brittle hair can be extremely unmanageable and may ruin the tone of your overall appearance. In such scenarios, most people consider trying expensive shampoos and conditioners as a desperate attempt to get fuller mane, however, you must understand that hair health starts from within, and supplementing the locks with essential micronutrients such as Biotin can be one of the best ways to reach beauty goals. Let’s understand!

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that comes from the family of B vitamins and is required by the human body to carry out numerous processes in the body. Also, known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, this organic compound carries out crucial processes such as fat & carbohydrate metabolism, muscle, and tissue repair in the body. What makes B vitamin so impressive s is its high-potency to improve hair health. In general, we obtain the required dose of biotin through the food you eat every day; however, a few of us may suffer its deficiency due to their body’s inability to absorb essential nutrients. Under such circumstances, a health and nutrition expert may recommend you to take a Biotin supplements to lower the risk of potential maladies. 

Biotin and hair health-

When we talk about hair fall and hair thinning, the first question that comes to our mind is what causes it? Well, common factors that contribute to these problems include vitamin deficiencies, stress, heat treatments, and many others. While you suffer from thinning hair or massive hair fall, you may strive hard to find the best natural remedy to combat such problems. Studies conclude that biotin is extremely helpful when it comes to strengthening the hair follicles and adding bulk to the hair strands. It is because; this bioactive compound directs your body to speed up the production of keratin, a protein that makes the infrastructural component of hair, skin, and nails. Thus, an increased level of keratin provides much-needed strength to the hair follicles and prevents them from falling out. Also, the humectants properties of pure biotin extract repair hair damage and make them super smooth and glossy. These ayurvedic capsules are highly beneficial for all those men and women experiencing hair fall, and thinning hairs due to a deficiency of B vitamin. Also, supplementing your locks with an additional dose energizes the dormant hair follicles and out. Also, it boosts the production of keratin protein, which, in turn, adds bulk to the hairs and makes them appear thick and healthy. 

What are the symptoms of Biotin deficiency?

Some common signs of biotin deficiency include-

  • Thinning hair or loss of body hair
  • Skin infections, including eczema
  • Brittle, splitting nails
  • Neurological maladies such as depression, lethargy, hallucinations, and numbness 
  • Lack of coordination
  • Weak muscles and slow body growth in infants

How to use biotin capsules?

To achieve long, thick, and healthy hair fast, you are recommended to take 1 Biotin capsule, twice daily with a glass of lukewarm water or as directed by a healthcare professional. 

Where can I buy best biotin capsules in India?

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Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 is an essential nutrient that is required by the body to keep working at its best. However, most people find it challenging to keep a check on each diet for a complete nutritional profile. In such conditions, they may strive to find the best remedies that can help them ensure a proper intake of biotin for better digestion of fats, carbohydrates, protein, and other substances into the energy for your body. This is where the need for Biotin capsules emerges. These pills come enriched with ‘Vitamin B7’ derived from medicinal plants.

Best health benefits of Biotin-

Biotin is a type of water-soluble vitamin that our bodies cannot produce on their own. Therefore; most of us get a considerable amount of this vital nutrient through the food we eat or in the supplement form. Apart from regulating vital metabolic processes in the body, they can help you reach the beauty goals in the following ways-

Strong and healthy hair–

Dry, brittle, and lifeless hair often takes place as a result of biotin deficiency. This ayurvedic supplement is choke-full of biotin that makes an infrastructural component of hair, nails, and skin. While coming to hair health, this organic compound strengthens the hair root and prevents them from falling out. Apart from that, this natural substance fills the gap in the hair strand to reverse the damage and enhance their appearance as well. Besides, it adds a luster to the tresses.

Youthful and glowing skin–

Who wouldn’t want to achieve young and glowing skin that imparts a positive impression on anyone who sees you? Well, reaching your beauty goal is now made easier with Nirvasa Biotin capsules. The essential micronutrients in these pills rejuvenate the skin cells from within and make the skin soft, smooth, and supple. Besides, it helps boost collagen production and aids in maintaining skin elasticity. Apart from that, the herbal supplement delays the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

Strengthens nails–

Peeling and brittle nails not only look awful but can be extremely discomforting as well. Our Biotin capsules are highly effective in adding thickness to the nails and make them appear healthy and glossy.

Other health benefits of Biotin–

Although Biotin capsules are marketed as a natural supplement for skin, hairs, and nails, it has other health advantages as well. Some of the most impressive ones are-

  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Regulated blood sugar
  • Boost in energy and mood
  • Improved thyroid functions

Who wouldn’t want to cherish the joys of having clear, shiny, and flawless skin like that of the models and actresses in the pictures? After all, it is one of those features that make you look smart, confident, and attractive. Contrary to that, dull, patchy, and dry skin not only ruins your physical appearance but can cause a great deal of discomfort by triggering certain conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and flaky skin. Also, as a desperate attempt to reach your beauty goals, you may invest in expensive beauty treatments and products such as creams, serums, facials, facials, mud-packs, and what not! However, it is no surprise that healthy skin occurs as a result of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Biotin makes a powerful skin rejuvenator and can help bring a natural glow to the skin. Apart from that, it provides you provide with clear, soft, and supple skin, that too without undergoing expensive beauty treatments.  Today, we are here with a piece of interesting information on the ways biotin can help improve skin health.

What is Biotin?

Nowadays, biotin capsules have become tremendously popular for its amazing effects on skin, hair, and nails. Biotin is the water-soluble vitamin, which is also known by the names of Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H. This micronutrient comes from the family of B vitamins and makes an active ingredient in B-complex. It is a type of essential nutrient that cannot be produced by the body on its own and should be taken regularly by including biotin-rich foods in the diet or the supplement form. In addition, the good bacteria present in the gut help our bodies to synthesize the vitamin naturally. Some foods that contain a rich amount of biotin include cheese, avocado, salmon, yeast, mushrooms, egg yolk, sweet potato, and many others.

Biotin capsules vs skin health

Every day, your skin comes in contact with, dust, pollution, sweat, and harsh environmental conditions that not only get entrapped in the pores of the skin but can affect it in many other ways. Undoubtedly, regular cleansing and other skincare regimes can help provide your skin with little benefits; these topical treatments don’t rejuvenate the skin cells from within. Biotin capsules, on the other hand, make on such ayurvedic supplement that can take you one step closer to your beauty goals. It is because; this bioactive compound nourishes the cells from within and supports the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is an organic compound that plays a crucial role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and help delay premature aging. This may be one of the reasons why many beauty experts conclude this compound as the ‘beauty vitamin’. Some studies conclude that people who consume Biotin pills are regularly are found to have fewer wrinkles and dark spots. Besides, these herbal pills hydrate the skin naturally and soothe scaly, dry, and itchy skin.

Who can take a Biotin supplement?

Generally, the biotin vitamin B7 supplement is considered safe for most healthy men and women. It can be used by anyone who is suffering from a range of skin problems such as patchy skin, eczema dry skin. It works as a wonderful skin rejuvenator and is highly beneficial for all those who are looking for a natural remedy to delay premature aging. Although biotin is all-natural, yet some people may experience certain side-effects after taking the supplement. Therefore, you must consult a medical practitioner before taking any dietary supplement.

Does it have other benefits as well?

Although biotin is primarily sold as a skin rejuvenator, it has other impressive health benefits as well. This B-vitamin forms an infrastructural component of hair and nails, thus, it is also prescribed to all those dealing with hair thinning and brittle nails.

How to use Biotin capsules?

To reap the best benefits of this supplement, you are required to take 1 capsule of biotin with a glass of lukewarm water.

Which is the best brand to buy online?

Nowadays, shelves or pharmacy stores are stacked with Biotin capsules by numerous brands. You must know that most pharmaceutical brands market biotin that is derived from animal-sources and makes it unsuitable for vegetarians. However, certain herbal brands such as Nutrafirst strive to provide their customers with plant-based biotin at the best price. To order now, click here.

Word of caution

This dietary supplement is not intended for use by people who are-

  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Taking medicines
  • Receiving treatment for an illness
  • Children below 18 years of age

We recommend you seeking medical advice before starting any dietary supplement.

While searching for natural and effective hair restorative supplement, you may have noticed Biotin as a part of the list on several websites. Moreover, many beauty and hair care experts conclude it as a potent remedy to improve the overall health of your crowning glory. Today, we will be reviewing the effectiveness of biotin capsules in promoting hair health and some other impressive beauty benefits as well. But, before we start unrolling the list, let’s first know about it in detail.

biotin capsules

What is Biotin?

Biotin or B7 is a water-soluble vitamin that falls in the family of B vitamins. Interestingly; it is also called vitamin H. This organic compound plays a vital role in carrying essential processes in the body such as fat metabolism and conversion of food into energy. Since our bodies cannot produce this organic compound at their own, we get most of this nutrient from the food we eat. Although biotin deficiencies are rare, your doctor may prescribe you biotin capsules if diagnosed with low levels of this natural compound. Here are some impressive ways it can enhance your health and beauty.

Beauty benefits of biotin capsules-

Vitamin B7 has several beauty benefits and is believed to work wonders when it comes to improving the overall health of hair.

Biotin for hair-

Unruly, thinning and brittle hair often occurs as a result of vitamin deficiency. Many beauty and nutrition experts swear by the effectiveness of biotin capsules in combating hair-related issues such as hair fall, thinning hairs, dull, brittle and coarse hair and many others. In such conditions, biotin can come to your rescue as a friend. This organic compound boosts the production of keratin, a protein that forms a primary infrastructural component of hair, skin and nails. This boost in keratin production often results in thicker and healthier hair.  Besides, biotin supplement nourishes the roots and strengthens the follicles, which, in turn, prevents them from falling out. Also, some studies revealed that people who have an appreciable level of biotin in their body are found to have long, thick and shiny hair.

Biotin for nails and skin-

Although biotin supplements are primarily sold as a hair restorative supplement, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the sole advantage of this organic compound. This B-vitamin is equally effective in strengthening fingernails and provides with anti-ageing, skin benefits as well.

How to use Biotin capsules?

Using biotin Tablets is easy and simple. To achieve the best beauty benefits, you are recommended to take 1 capsule, twice daily (preferably 30 minutes after meals) with a glass of lukewarm water.

Which is the best brand to buy in India?

At present, you may find the shelves of pharmacy stores stacked up with a wide range of Biotin supplement. However, many of them may contain animal-derived biotin, which makes them unsuitable for vegetarians. Contrary to that, many herbal brands such as Nutrafirst offer its customers with plant-derived biotin capsules at a reasonable price. To buy premium-quality, safe and herbal biotin supplement online in India, visit-

Biotin (vitamin B7) capsules are a health supplement that is admired by most beauty gurus for its amazing properties to revive hair, skin and nails. However; many health and nutrition experts claim that apart from enhancing physical aesthetics, these organic pills can benefit the overall health of a person. Today, we are to round up some impressive health benefits associated with best biotin tablets but before we start rolling out the list; let’s first know more about it.


Biotin or B7 is a water-soluble vitamin that falls under the category of B vitamins. Interestingly, it is also known as vitamin H. This micronutrient plays a vital role in carrying out several crucial processes in the body such as fat metabolism and converting food into energy. Our bodies cannot produce this essential compound by itself, and we get most of it through the food we eat. Since, it is a water-soluble nutrient, our kidneys excrete it through urine, and it needs to be replaced every day.

Health benefits of Biotin capsules-

1. Hair health-

Studies claim that prolonged use of natural biotin may help achieve long, thick and shiny hair. It is because; this organic compound helps the production of keratin, a protein that makes the main infrastructural component of our hair, skin and nails. Also, regular use of Biotin Tablets strengthens hair follicles, add bulk to the strands and improve texture.

2. Weight management-

Biotin is extremely important for carrying out fat metabolism in the body. Also, it supports an easy breakdown of carbohydrates. These all-natural pills enable you to lose surplus body fat and maintain a healthy weight.

3. Healthy skin-

This ayurvedic supplement is believed to revitalize the skin naturally. Its hydrating nature makes it highly beneficial for all those suffering from skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and fungal infections. Also, it helps make your skin soft and glowing.

4. Stronger nails-

Peeling nails can be a sign of biotin deficiency. While this supplement is believed to curb the problem of brittle nails, it can boost the growth of the nails as well. Researchers conclude that cancer patients receiving chemotherapy are at a greater risk of experiencing chipping nails, and a healthcare practitioner may prescribe them with a required dose of biotin.

5. Prevent birth defects-

Pregnant women must have healthy biotin levels as a deficiency may cause birth defects in the offspring. The health of the baby can be improved by supplementing the mother with a required dose of biotin and folic acid.

6. Muscle repair-

Biotin is believed to help improve the growth and maintenance of body tissues and cells. Also, it provides the key nutrients that are required to repair tissues and muscles from damage.

7. Regulates blood sugar-

Several studies claim that regular intake of best Biotin capsules helps regulate blood glucose by stimulating the release of insulin. However, people with diabetes are recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting the supplement.

8. Helps cure multiple sclerosis-

As per the researchers, taking a high dose of Biotin supplements can help stabilize multiple sclerosis. Besides, many studies report the safety of its uses. Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, any excess of it gets excreted by the kidneys through urine.

These are a few impressive health benefits of Biotin capsules. If you too are looking for a natural remedy to boost overall health, buy best biotin capsules online and feel the difference.

We all indeed have an emotional relationship with our hair and most of us often spend worthy minutes brushing and styling them. It may be a course of this daily routine when you may notice changes in the thickness and appearance of your hair. Some factors such as poor nutrition, stress, excessive styling and heat treatments can make your crowning glory unruly and lifeless. But, don’t worry! Biotin is one such supplement that can come to your rescue as a friend when it comes to nourishing your locks. Today, we will be reviewing Biotin’s ability to breathe life into your dull and lifeless hair.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a type of water-soluble, B vitamin that regulates vital metabolic processes in the human body. Besides regulating fat-metabolism and converting food into energy, biotin tablets plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall health of hair, skin and nails as well. Most of us get a required dose of this organic nutrient through the food we eat; it needs to be replaced every day as the kidneys excrete out this water-soluble compound through urine. Although biotin deficiency is rare, when you don’t get enough of this vitamin, it may result in hair loss and numerous scalp- related problems.

Biotin vs. hair health-

Well, we know that you are super excited to know if taking Biotin capsules can help you flaunt long, thick, shiny and voluminous hair? The sweet answer is- why not! This ayurvedic medicine aids in the production of keratin, a type of scleroproteins, which makes an infrastructural component of our hair, skin and nails.  This biological lift in keratin level adds bulk to the hair strand and makes them appear thick and voluminous. Also, the keratin protein fills porous spots in the hair and improves texture. However; deeper research is required to explore the positive effects of biotin for improving hair health.

How long until you see results?

Another obvious question that might be banging your head is- how much time will it take for the results to be visible? Well, you must know that depending on the nature of the hair growth cycle, your hair grows only half-an-inch a month. Thus, you would need to wait at least 3 months to get visible results.

How much Biotin do I need every day?

Since biotin deficiencies are rare, there is no recommended dietary intake of this water-soluble vitamin. The RDA may vary depending on numerous factors such as age, sex, and health conditions of each individual. However; many reputed medical associations recommend taking biotin supplement as per below-mentioned dosage-

  • Anyone aged 10 or older -30 and 100 mg per day
  • Birth to 3 years: 10 to 20 micrograms (mcg)
  • Ages 4 to 6 years: 25 mcg
  • Ages 7 to 10 years: 30 mcg
  • Woman during pregnancy-30 mg per day
  • Woman during lactation- 35 mg per day

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Biotin is an essential nutrient that makes a wonderful tool to reach health as well as beauty goals naturally. Commonly known by the names such as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, this organic compound from the family of B vitamins plays a crucial role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism in the body. Apart from all the good things it can do to your metabolism, many beauty gurus swear by its efficacy to benefit your skin, hairs and nails. Today, we will be reviewing the best benefits associated with this essential nutrient. Read on!

biotin capsules

Biotin vs. biotin supplement-

Biotin is a naturally occurring compound that aids in several metabolic processes taking place in the body; unfortunately, our bodies can prepare it at their own. However, we get most of the required amount of this nutrient through the food we eat. Also, a small amount of this vitamin is synthesized by the good bacterias present in the gut. Although biotin deficiencies are rare, many men and women on the go may miss out on this vitamin, which, in turn, can lead to several health issues. For this reason, many companies are coming up with the biotin supplement in the form of capsules. These natural pills from an easier alternative to curb nutritional deficiencies and also, supports a healthy life.

Health benefits of Biotin capsules

The most impressive health benefits of biotin capsules as follows

1. Healthy hair-

Dull, frizzy and lifeless hair is not only difficult to manage but can indicate biotin deficiency as well. This natural yet active component of vitamin B complex is linked with a healthy production of keratin, a nutrient that forms the bulk of the hair strands. Some studies suggest that people who consumed Biotin capsules regularly are found to have smoother and healthier hair as compared to others. Also, this organic supplement strengthens the hair roots and reduce hair fall. If you are one of those experiencing dry, coarse and lifeless hairs, biotin capsules can take you one step closer to healthier, silky and lustrous hairs.

2. Support a healthy pregnancy-

Whether you’re carrying a little one in the womb or are growing up an infant, you require more Biotin than ever. Medical experts reveal that pregnant or lactating mothers are at a greater risk of depleting nutritional stores. In such situations, your midwife or gynaecologist may prescribe you biotin capsules to maintain a healthy pregnancy and wellbeing, post-delivery.

3. Cure brittle nails-

Brittle and peeling nails are not only unpleasant to look but can leave you in a great deal of discomfort. Some studies reveal that taking biotin Tablets regularly can strengthen the nails and make them smooth and shiny.

How to use-

Using Biotin capsules is super easy. To reap their best health benefits, you are required to take one capsule, twice a day. Also, note that people who are diagnosed with a biotin deficiency may be prescribed a higher dose by a medical practitioner.

Which is the best brand to buy in India?

While we recommend taking Biotin supplement for all good reasons, many people may not like this idea as most biotin pills contain animal-based ingredients. However, certain reputed brands like Nutrafirst strives to provide their customers with the premium-quality and plant-based biotin supplements. Also, these pills contain 100 % natural (botanical) and pure ingredients that make it one of the best health supplement.  

Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin which plays a crucial role in keeping you in good health. This organic compound is often classified as an essential nutrient, which means that a person requires it at all stages. Interestingly, our bodies are not designed to store it for long and for this reason; we need to ensure taking enough of it through diet. However; in the helter-skelter of life, we often miss out on this health-promoting ingredient. In such cases, you may want to find out the easy yet safe ways to fulfill biotin deficiency. This is where Biotin come into the picture. Today, we are here to list out some impressive ways biotin supplement can improve your overall health. Read on!

Health benefits of Biotin capsules-

Although regulating metabolism for proper breakdown of carbs, fats, and protein in the body forms the prime function of Biotin, it offers a multitude of health benefits as well. Some most impressive advantages of taking biotin capsules as follows

best biotin capsules

1. Supports thyroid functions

Both an underactive or overactive thyroid gland can take your body off-kilter. Poor thyroid metabolism often affects tissues, bones, digestion and sleep as well. As per the experts, getting enough Biotin helps regulate the functions of the butterfly-shaped, thyroid gland and supports all the biological processes taking place in the body.

2. Promotes cardiac health-

Biotin Supplements plays a vital role in promoting cardiac health by lowering inflammation throughout the body. Also, it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and balances blood lipids. This means that this ayurvedic remedy lowers bad cholesterol and supports the production of good cholesterol, which, in turn, reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

3. Strengthens weak nails-

Having weak and splitting nails is a common problem that can occur partly as a result of Biotin deficiency. Nutrition experts suggest people dealing with similar conditions to eat plenty of biotin-rich foods or supplementing with Biotin. Also, there are pieces of evidence that people taking a generous amount of Biotin every day have thicker nails with better strength.

4. Helps repair muscles and tissues-

When your body tissues are hurt or damaged due to infection or injury, Biotin comes to your rescue as a friend in need. This bioactive compound effectively repairs and heals the damaged tissues and promotes quick healing. Also, it helps reduce inflammation in and around the affected skin and relieves discomfort.

5. Helps curb hair loss-

Hair loss is another prominent problem that has affected several people across the globe. Studies suggest that when combined with Zinc, biotin is found to improve the symptoms of alopecia. Also, it strengthens the follicles from within and promotes healthy hair growth.

6. Boosts cognitive health-

B-vitamins like Biotin are linked with better cognitive functions. Biotin’s role in glucose metabolism and production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules ensure that the brain gets enough fuel to keep working at its best. Also, ATPs are required to carry out key cognitive processes such as plasticity and synaptic activity.

7. Helps relieve mild depression-

People with Biotin deficiency may experience mild depression. In such cases, ensuring a biotin-rich diet may help alleviate the symptoms of depression and support mental health. These are some common yet impressive advantages of taking Biotin capsules regularly. If you are looking for a natural remedy to boost overall health, start taking biotin Tablets today and embark on a new path to wellness.