Garcinia Cambogia capsules is a dietary supplement that has gained tremendous popularity amongst all men and women who are facing overweight issues and are looking to find a natural remedy for slimming down. In modern times, obesity is a grave health threat and the number of people suffering from this problem is rising constantly. Some of the common factors that trigger such issues are- processed foods, low levels of physical activity, or even genetics. In such cases, Garcinia cambogia capsules make a perfect pick and enable you to achieve a slim figure within a small span, that too naturally and healthily. These pills come fortified with the goodness of Garcinia Cambogia extract or HCA extract, green coffee bean extract, and guggul extract for ensuring your overall wellbeing.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that majorly belongs to the southwestern coasts of India and other South Asian countries such as Indonesia and Myanmar. It is botanically known as Garcinia gummi-gutta, and falls in the family of tamarind, thus is known by the names such as Malabar tamarind, brindle berry, kadampuli, and many others. In its outer appearance, this tropical fruit resembles a cross between a pumpkin and a tomato and has a greenish-yellow to pale pink hue, depending on the degree of its ripeness. This fleshy fruit has an associated folk culinary importance and has been used to add a pinch of sourness to Indian curries and chutneys. However, in the later years, researchers identified the fat-burning properties of this ayurvedic ingredient and started touting it as one of the best supplement for achieving a well-chiseled physique.

Reviewing Garcinia’s Cambogia role in weight loss-

Apart from its application in enhancing the flavor of authentic Indian cuisines, this amazing herb is admired in the fitness world for its properties to support a healthy and active lifestyle by burning extra fat. It can be credited to Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a bioactive compound found in the peel of the fruit. This phytochemical is looked upon as a wonderful metabolism booster and instigate natural fat-burn in the body in the following ways-

  • It interferes with the citrate lyase enzyme in your body and ceases its activity. This hormone is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates into body fats. This inhibition in the activity of this biochemical helps reduce the accumulation of extra body fat.
  • It enhances the level of brain chemical ‘Serotonin,’ which is also known as the happy hormone. It is because an increase in the serotonin level suppresses cortisol production in the body and helps reduce stress. Also, it uplifts mood and enable you to avoid gorging on food under stressful or emotional circumstances.
  • Garcinia Cambogia capsules contain fibers in high amounts, which, in turn, imparts you a feeling of being full for longer and helps fend off unwanted hunger pangs. 

Besides, the green coffee and guggul extracts present in this herbal supplement are revered for their powerful antioxidant and detox properties for maintaining overall wellness.

What are the other advantages of Garcinia Cambogia pills?

Undoubtedly, pure Garcinia Cambogia extract is sold as one of the best weight loss remedies. But, this natural fat-burner has a myriad of other health benefits as well. Some of the most impressive ones are-

  • Improved energy level
  • Better immunity
  • Balanced blood glucose level
  • Improved rate of metabolism
  • Lower inflammation
  • Healthy heart
  • Reduced stress

How to use Garcinia Cambogia capsules?

If you are one of those looking for an herbal fat burner which is easy to use, Garcinia Cambogia is the answer. To reap its best benefits, you are advised to take 1 capsule, twice daily with a glass of lukewarm water.  Also, ensure each of taking these pills separately at least 30-40 minutes before a meal.

Where can I buy Garcinia Cambogia capsules in India?

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Getting in shape all over again is a herculean task especially when you have a little or no time for the diets and workouts. At present, a large number of populations are affected by unexplained weight gain due to a variety of lifestyle, and medical factors. It is no surprise that eating right and exercising regularly makes incredible weight loss solution but in recent times, most men and women find it difficult to spare a few extra hours to pay attention to their diet and workout regimes, Indeed, they want to discover an easiest and convenient remedy that can help them drop a size naturally.

In such cases, natural fat burning supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia capsules come into the picture. Garcinia Cambogia, also known as Malabar tamarind, brindle berry, or kadampuli has become immensely popular amongst fitness experts for its weight loss benefits. Traditionally, it is being used as a flavoring agent for authentic curries in South India. But, during the last few years, it has emerged as a powerful and best fat-burner because it comes packed with potent bioactive compounds that are effective in instigating fat-burning processes in the body. Before we start unrolling interesting information on its weight loss effects, let’s first know about it in detail.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that resembles a cross between a pumpkin and a tomato. This greenish-yellow fleshy fruit is widely grown in the tropical regions of India and other Asian countries. Since ancient times, it is being used to impart tartness to curries and chutneys. In the later years, researchers identified and brought the fat-burning properties of this sour-tasting fruit into the limelight. At present, many pharmaceutical or nutraceutical companies are selling the extract of Garcinia Cambogia extract in the form of capsules as a potent weight-loss supplement. In the recent past, it was hyped as ‘the holy grail of weight loss’ and become a hot topic of discussion in the fitness world.

What makes it a wonderful fat-burner?

While many fitness experts tout Garcinia Cambogia as an excellent fat burner, it is obvious for you to think what makes this herb an effective weight loss solution? Well, its fat-burn potential can be credited to the high concentration of Hydroxy citric acid (HCA) found in its peel. This bioactive compound is known to inhibit the action of citrate lyase enzyme, which is responsible for converting sugar or carbohydrates into body fats. Besides, it calms the mind by uplifting the level of the brain chemical ‘Serotonin’ which is also known as the happy hormone for a reason. This rise in the hormone calms your mind and enables you to fend off unwanted hunger pangs under emotional or stressful conditions.

Do I need to make lifestyle changes to reap the best benefits of Garcinia cambogia capsules?

Off course! Although Garcinia Cambogia is looked upon as an effective weight loss remedy, you should know that no dietary supplement works without making healthy modifications in your lifestyle. Therefore, you need to team this weight loss supplement with a healthy diet and regular workouts. To achieve optimal weight loss results from the supplement, it is often the best to keep a check on your diet and increase your physical activities while using it. 

How to take Garcinia Cambogia capsules?

Using Garcinia Cambogia capsules is super-easy and convenient. To get the maximum benefits, you are required to take one capsule, two times a day with a glass of lukewarm water. One capsule can be taken 30 minutes before breakfast, and the other can be taken before dinner.

Who can use Garcinia Cambogia supplement?

Anyone who is affected by unwanted weight gain can use this dietary supplement. This ayurvedic medicine is generally considered safe for most men and women who are non-allergic to any of the ingredients present in it.

How do Garcinia Cambogia pills benefit general health?

Primarily, Garcinia Cambogia supplement is used as a fat-burner; however, it can benefit your health in more than one way.  Some of its other health benefits include-

  • Better digestive health
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Improved immunity
  • Lower stress
  • Reduced appetite
  • Detoxifies body

Word of caution-

You should seek medical advice before starting any health supplement. Besides, these dietary pills are not intended for use by people who are-

  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Taking medicines
  • Receiving treatment for an underlying medical condition
  • Experiencing hormonal imbalances
  • Allergic to any ingredient