4 Things to Consider While Using Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee is everyone’s favourite and is one of the most widely consumed beverages across the globe. Drinking a cup of coffee forms a perfect method to give the day a fresh start, but did you know that making certain changes in the ways you consume this drink can offer you a plethora of health benefits? Yes, it’s true! Replacing regular coffee with a cup of green coffee can benefit your health in more than one ways. Through this article, we are bringing interesting information on green coffee and four things you must consider while using it for weight loss.

Green Coffee for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

In recent times, green coffee has become a well-known supplement for weight loss. The unroasted or minimally roasted beans of Coffea Arabica plant are rich in chlorogenic acid, which acts as a metabolism booster and enables your body to shed a few extra pounds. Besides, the antioxidants present in the green coffee fight against oxidative stress and protect skin cells from degeneration.

Things to Consider While using Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Many fitness experts swear by the efficacy of green coffee for weight loss. However, many people get a little or no results, which may leave them in disappointment. It is because they might be using it in a wrong manner, which, in turn, can affect green coffee’s efficacy. If you too are planning to start green coffee for weight-loss, these considerations can help you reach your fat loss goals, effectively and safely.

1. Check Quality

With the growing popularity and demand for green coffee for weight loss, many manufacturers are launching natural dietary supplements with fancy packaging and poor quality ingredients. However, the effectiveness of a green coffee capsules depends on the quality and authenticity of its ingredients. It is surprising to note that handpicked green coffee beans retain their healthy properties for a longer duration as compared to the beans that are picked mechanically. Besides, you must ensure that the product contains authentic ingredients and is marked safe for consumption by the regulatory authorities.

2. Dosage

At present, the green coffee is being sold as a weight-loss supplement in numerous forms such as grounded beans, brew infusions or even capsules. It allows you to use green coffee in a form that suits you; however, you need to keep a check on the dosage. After all, excess of everything is bad. Nutrition experts suggest limiting the intake of green coffee to 1000 mg per day.

3. Drink it up at the Right Time

Experts reveal that consuming green coffee at the right time is the best way to reap its maximum benefits. People who drink green coffee at least 30 mins. before meals are more likely to experience healthy weight loss. This herbal drink is diuretic and should be avoided before bedtime.

4. Pick the Right Kind

At first, your taste buds might not find green coffee appeasing. For this reason, manufacturers are launching green coffee extract in combination with other herbs such as holy basil or chamomile. You can choose the variant that suits your taste and embark on a journey to healthy weight loss.

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