These herbal supplements can help you lose weight fast

Today, losing a few extra pounds is a health goal for a majority of us. Unwanted weight gain is a common problem that has affected several lives. Not to mention, some of the common reasons for putting on extra weight include over-dependency on junk food, prolonged sitting hours, stress, less physical activity, chronic illness and many others. As a measure to drop a size, a majority of people switch to the idea of following regimented food plans; however, they often find sticking to the strict diet plans quite difficult. In such scenarios, weight loss supplements come in handy and form a convenient way to shed a few extra pounds. But, many weight loss supplements sold in the market contain harsh chemicals, which can put negative effects on your health. For this reason, we decided to review some of the natural (herbal) weight loss supplements, which can help you lose weight naturally, that too without causing any side effects. Read on!

1.Soluble fibres

The two common types of dietary fibres include- soluble and insoluble fibres.  Soluble fibres are those which absorb water and form a gel-like appearance and are considered highly beneficial for those trying to lose weight. Chia seeds make a great source of soluble fibres that help prevent unwanted hunger pangs and aid in weight loss.  These tiny come from a plant in the mint family and contain a layer of soluble fibres, which take a gel-like appearance when immersed in water. Regular consumption of soaked chia seeds imparts you a fuller feeling for longer duration and help avoid unwanted hunger pangs. Besides, these little seeds are loaded with powerful antioxidants, which flush the toxins out of the body and boosts metabolic and fat-burning processes in the body.

2. Garcinia cambogia extract

Garcinia cambogia extract is one such name that tops the list of herbal weight loss supplements. It is obtained from the fruit of the same name, which is cultivated in the south-western coasts of India and other parts of the Asian subcontinent. In the recent past, this herbal supplement was touted as “the holy grail of weight loss” due to its miraculous property to burn fat. What makes it one of the most potent weight loss supplements is the high concentration of HCA present in its rind. This active compound is believed to trigger weight loss by inhibiting the action of citrate lyase, a fat producing enzyme in the body. Besides, it enhances the level of brain chemical serotonin, which uplifts your mood and helps avoid stress eating, which, in turn, can result in weight loss.

3. Apple cider vinegar-

Shrinking the waistline is one of the toughest fitness goals and many of us struggle hard to find a perfect solution to get a flat belly. Apple cider vinegar is a herbal supplement which is admired by many fitness enthusiasts for its miraculous properties to melt stubborn pockets of fats. Some studies revealed that ACV ramps up your metabolism and speeds up your body’s fat-burning mechanism. It also detoxifies your body by releasing the toxins present in fat cells. Besides, the high fibre content in unrefined ACV imparts you a fuller feeling and helps in cutting down calorie intake, which, in turn, can lead to weight loss.

Are these supplements safe?

All these above-mentioned supplements are obtained from the natural sources and are considered safe for most healthy persons. However, they may show certain side effects such as allergy, nausea, and skin rash in a few cases.

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