Hair problems are getting common by the day. Men and women alike are facing problems with hair growth. There are folks, who as early as in their 20s have come across problems like bald patches, uneven hair, hair thinning, dry and frizzy hair, dandruff, irritation, hair strands that won’t grow ever, and more. Turns out, hair problems are not as big as they seem if they are treated rightly and on time. Most people remain skeptic of one thing – trying out supplements for hair growth. But little do they realize that once you come across hair problems, your hair needs additional support to regrow and stay maintained at a certain length. For the uninitiated, hair regrowth capsules can turn out to be a boon when accompanied with some effective hair care habits. So here are 5 expert tips to encourage hair growth, regardless of your gender and current hair length:

Nutrafirst Hair Growth Capsules
  1. Cleanse & Massage your Scalp: Start at the source – the scalp. The key to hair growth is to keep your scalp clean with gentle washes, massage the scalp to improve blood flow, relieve stress, and stimulate the hair follicles. While regular hair cleansing ensures there is no buildup product, dirt and oil around your follicle opening, which may block your hair growth; massaging encourages circulation and ensures vital nutrients and oxygen is delivered to the hair follicles.
  2. Take Hair Regrowth Capsules: When confronting a hair-related problem, you should not shy away from adding hair regrowth capsules to your dietary regime. Such supplements carry a combination of ingredients and nutrients which otherwise wouldn’t be found in our diets. For instance, Nutrafirst Hair Growth Capsules feature a rare combination of ingredients – extracts of herbs such as bhringraj, yashtimadhu, brahmi, hibiscus, ashwagandha, and shankhapushpi all of which stimulate hair growth effectively.
  3. Protect your Hair from Physical Damage: This involves keeping your hair protected from hard brushing, damage caused by daily wear and tear, and more. Especially women who want to keep a certain level of hair length must shy away from keeping too tight hairstyles as they can cause their hair a lot of friction, which weakens the hair follicles. Also, it is not recommended to keep a similar hairstyle regularly as it puts constant pressure on the same spot leading to damaged hair in a particular area.
  4. Keep your Hair Moisturized: Hair is possibly the driest thing in your body. And if you want to make it grow constantly, you need to keep it moisturized. When hair is dry, it turns brittle and brittle hair breaks easily. You can keep you hair moisturized by regular oiling and using a conditioner.
  5. Trim your Hair Regularly: Well, this sounds common and clichéd but is true. But how does trimming help in hair growth? Hair trimming helps shearing off the dead ends of hair, which ensures that your hair is free from breakage. Breakage gets in the way of your hair growth as hair growth stems from follicles on the scalp.

Summing up, while following these tips, try to keep your hair away from heat treatments and have a balanced diet as well. Also, to give your hair regrowth efforts an additional push, resort to hair growth capsules for 3-4 months regularly so that you can win over any nutritional shortcomings.

There is a lot of buzz around green coffee and its weight loss benefits. While folks often switch to the healthier alternative of tea and coffee – green tea for a drink but green coffee is more often available in the form of green coffee capsules, green coffee powder, and others in supplement form. Nevertheless, there has been a continuous buzz around its weight loss properties. While some of it is true and related to weight loss, others are just self-proclaimed myths and we are here to bust them. But first, let’s find out what green coffee is.

What is Green Coffee?

Green coffee beans of are those coffee seeds which have not undergone the roasting process. As a matter of fact, when beans are roasted, it sheds the amount of a chemical called chlorogenic acid which is found in green coffee beans. Cholorogenic acid is said to have a lot of health benefits which helps in obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestion, and more. Now that we know a little about green coffee, let’s learn how it helps you lose weight and the myths associated with it.

Myth – Green Coffee Helps Improving Metabolism Which Aids Weight Loss

There is a belief that green coffee helps improving your metabolism. Well, a lot of studies claim that it is true but it does not exactly mean that it will help you lose weight. The reality is green coffee helps improving your metabolism, which means that your body is more efficient to process food and create energy out of it.

Myth – More Green Coffee Means Faster Weight Loss

Reality – Well, excess of everything is bad. So, it doesn’t hold true that if you increase your intake of green coffee that you are going to lose your weight faster. However, you can go as per the instructions. For instance, intake of 2 green coffee capsules a day for an adult are recommended and it is often written on product packages as well.

Myth – Green Coffee is one of the Healthiest Weight Loss Supplements

Reality – Like green tea, green coffee too is one of the healthiest weight loss supplements. These days, green coffee is used to make a lot of weight loss medicines with green coffee capsules being the primary ones. Surely, it is one of the most prominent and safest weight loss supplements.

Myth – You can Just Add Green Coffee Intake to your Normal Routine for Weight Loss

Reality – Green coffee definitely supports your weight loss goals, however, supplementation of green coffee capsules alone is not going to help. Weight loss is a long process which needs a combination of efforts including being mindful of your food intake, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern, exercising daily, and of course clubbing it with supplementation.

Summing up, of course supplementation of green coffee capsules is good for weight loss but you must know some fundamental facts about it – information which may not be true like we discussed. Now that you are aware of some important information about green coffee, and looking for green coffee capsules, do try Nutrafirst Green Coffee Capsules. They contain green coffee extract and have a lot of people backing them for their weight loss benefits.

If it has been a while you have been working out hard in the gym, there is a fair chance you have heard about BCAAs and might as well started taking it. But have you ever wondered what BCAAs are and how much you should consume them. Let’s understand in a nutshell. There are 20 types of amino acids out of which 9 are important. Yet, there are 3 essential ones which the body cannot produce. So, they should either be taken through food or diet or a supplement like BCAA protein powder. Especially, when you are practicing intense workouts, you should fulfill their requirement through BCAA powder. And the 3 which are most important ones are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Roughly, BCAAs are known to increase energy, reduce fatigue, drive muscle growth, and even aid fat loss. However, let’s check out what roles these have to play individually in your muscle building journey. Leucine helps boosting muscle protein synthesis particularly after workout. Isoleucine helps in muscle tissue repair and increases energy levels. Valine is helpful before workouts and is said to reduce fatigue.

Now that we know about their benefits, let’s understand at what time someone should take BCAAs. More often than not, bodybuilders are seen walking around with a sipper that contains BCAA powder mixed in water and they keep sipping it throughout the day, hoping that it helps them build muscles more effectively and stops muscle breakdown. But, calling a spade a spade, if they keep drinking it throughout the day, it works the opposite way. So, here is how you should prioritize your BCAA intake:

Intake 1

Purpose: Boosting Energy for Workout

Timing: 30 Minutes before Workout

BCAA intake before a workout is the most critical time. It is because unlike other BCAAs, the 3 essential ones go straight into muscle cells, which can be used as a fuel for energy during a workout.

Intake 2

Purpose: To Drive Muscle Growth & Recovery

Timing: Within 30 Minutes after Workout

This is the second crucial time to have BCAA intake. This is because muscles break down after workouts and they need an instant jolt of energy and nutrition to recover. So, mix your BCAA powder in water or as directed and have it within 30 minutes post workouts. This will promote muscle synthesis and growth.

Intake 3

Purpose: To Promote Muscle Protein Synthesis between Meals

Timing: 2 Hours after Meals

When you are on your muscle building journey, it is obvious that you are eating a protein rich diet. And the purpose of taking BCAA powder 2 hours after meals is to foster the spike of protein from that meal. 2 hours after taking a meal, protein synthesis in the body drops. However, amino acids from that meal still remain in the bloodstream. Thus, intake of BCAA powder at that time helps giving a second spike in the muscle protein synthesis.

Summing up, while BCAA intake is important, it is also important to understand the right way and the right time for its intake. There might be several protein powders available in the market but it is recommended to take the trusted one. Nutrafirst BCCA powder holds a special place in the list as it has been used by tens of thousands of bodybuilders and athletes for muscle gain and body’s overall revival.

You know, it’s time. It’s time you stopped blaming a fast-paced lifestyle to eat junk food, your busy routine to order a pizza, and most importantly your hormones for that extra fat around your belly. If you really want to lose weight, the first thing that you need to do is to hold yourself accountable for your excessive weight. You and only you are responsible to maintain a healthy weight. No matter if you think you always eat healthy, workout as well, and still can’t lose weight, understand that it’s still you. Why? It is because you do a lot of things unknowingly which contribute to fat accumulation and do not necessarily help you shed those extra kilos. For instance, if you have still not started supplementing with keto capsules or an advanced weight loss capsule, you are possibly making the first mistake in your weight loss journey. Read on to find out other things which you are might be doing wrong.

  • Mindless Eating: How many times have you eaten a full chocolate when it was offered by a colleague? Well, a lot of times. And why just a chocolate, who is to be held accountable for cookies, a slice of pizza, some pasta (just to taste), and more (you can add yourself)? You might not even consider this but you eat something additional (and not-so-healthy) every day without even counting it.
  • Eating while Using a Phone, Laptop or Watching TV: Almost everyone is guilty of doing it. We are so fond of our gadgets that we feel we need to use them even while having food. But how does that affect our weight? Health experts say that when you are eating something you should only do that and nothing else. When we use a gadget or watch TV while having food, we allow our mind to distract. When we divide our attention while eating, we cannot respond to the fullness signal and tend to eat more than what is required.
  • Ban your Cheat Days: It is understandable that you work hard in the gym every day and eat healthy during the week. But when it is a weekend, you kind of get a license to make them your cheat days. And cheat days come with anything from donuts to beer, from pizza parties to binging on ice cream and what not! Understand that your cheat days leave behind tons of calories which you have to burn. So, this is one activity that you need to finish off with.
  • Not Supplementing: Let us reiterate, you need the support of a supplement to achieve your weight loss goals. Apart from all the activities and efforts you are putting in, supplementing with keto capsules go a long way to help you lose those extra kilos quickly. It is because their natural formulation is designed to reduce fat accumulation in the body, improve your metabolism, reduce your hunger cravings, and more. Nutrafirst Keto Capsules have been rated as one of the best in weight loss category and have been used by tens of thousands of customers with almost zero reports of any side-effects. If you ever try to supplement, give Nutrafirst Keto Capsules a try.

Summing up, your weight is your responsibility. You cannot just blame it on any other factor affecting your life. So, consider it’s time to work smart to achieve your weight loss goals. Your genuine efforts and supplementation when combined make a lot of difference.

We all know that standards of beauty and handsomeness are subjective and brooding over them takes you nowhere. But questions like “How would I look in this outfit?” “How would I look at the beach?” “Why isn’t my tummy flat?” keep bothering the ones with excessive weight. Nevertheless, even if you don’t bother yourself with such questions, it would always be cool to fit a little better in your favourite outfits. So, what would you do to fit into the accepted weight category? Probably, a diet, some pushups, running, and jumping jacks a day, and some weight lifting. This will probably continue till a fortnight and then suddenly all your zeal will be gone as there wouldn’t be much difference in your weight. But what if we tell you that by consuming garcinia cambogia capsules, you get yourself closer to your weight loss goals? Now who hasn’t thought of supplementation before? But trust us; garcinica cambogia capsules from Nutrafirst are certainly that one supplement you need. But is it just that? No! There’s more to know. Read on.

garcinia cambogia capsules
  • Have Food for Fat Loss: You might have thought of dieting several times and might have also practiced it many times. But the truth is you didn’t do it seriously or you weren’t disciplined enough to follow it. Now here comes the flip side. Everyone thinks of dieting but nobody thinks of eating food for fat loss. Confused? There are foods with fat burning properties and one of the most prominent is easily found in your kitchen – cinnamon. Cinnamon consumption improves metabolic health by adding heat on fat cells and its regular consumption results in reduced body weight, decreased fat mass, and reduced waist circumference.
  • Practice Calorie Deficit: No, this doesn’t mean starving and neither does it mean compromising on nutritional intake. Well, practicing calorie deficit is based on a simple calculation. It is about eating fewer calories and burning more. When you burn more calories than your intake, you get energy from your fat storage. But how would know how many calories do you need and how can you practice a deficit? See, it is simple. Suppose, if you weigh 70 kg. Multiply 70 by 24, which gives you 1680 – consider this amount as your calorie intake per day. If you simply do this, you will start losing weight. Just try it. And if you want to know which food item contains how many calories; get the approximate number from Google or use a fitness app.
  • Practice Moderate Exercise: When you are in the process of losing weight, you do yourself a favor by practicing moderate exercise. It helps you burn more energy per minute and doesn’t exhaust you like vigorous exercises in the gym. A few examples of moderate exercise are brisk walking, riding a bike, dancing, hiking, etc. which is not that difficult to do. And if you are able to club moderate exercises with mindful eating and supplementation of garcinia cambogia capsules, you go a long way to speed up your weight loss.

What is special about garcinia cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia is a super fruit, which contains HCA (Hydroxy citric acid) which contains properties that inhibit fat storage in your body but improve your metabolism and keep you active. That is why combining garcinia cambogia weight loss supplementation with other related activities can help you lose weight faster. Try once with relentless efforts and experience the difference.