In a world where you have a solution for everything that you want to own but when it comes to physical satisfaction or health, you tend to look for natural solutions. Why it is so? It is the herbal wellness solution that can give you perennial relief from debilitating health implications.

Physical health is something that reflects the pace of our life. If we were to sum up our life in one sentence, it is our health that keeps us going. Without good health, putting out efforts to attain excellence in life is useless. Feeling Contended does not come from owing to materialistic things; it lies in the lap of nature that heals our body and replenishes it with all that our body requires.

When we are emphasizing health, it is mandatory to talk about men’s health as too many tumultuous stages men have to go through amid the chaos. It is not only about some selected men from all walks of life who are facing health issues but the number has been continuing to surge with each passing year. Men are entrusted with a plethora of responsibilities that prove to be energy-draining, affecting their energy level followed by bringing it down gradually.

Feeling worn out and sluggish is linked to the lack of nutrition in the body that is considered the source of energy for the body. The body sturdiness is a result of the perfect lifestyle that calls for a perpetual good intake of nutrition to support the testosterone level in the body. It is depleting testosterone level that comes in the way of your interest and bliss, worsening the interest about sex also.

For those who are not aware of what testosterone is and how does it work, then, this post is worth reading for them. Testosterone is associated with your sexual health that can make you a superstar during intercourse with mammoth stamina. On the contrary, low testosterone may end up ending all that you had maintained at the onset of your relationship.

Understand what testosterone is and how testosterone booster levels it up?

Testosterone being the vital sex hormone in the body plays an effective role in health. It is the testosterone that contributes to bringing a change in our mood, interest, and energy level. For many, testosterone is considered to be a pillar for the sexual drive but it is not so. It influences overall health and can affect you mentally as well as physically.

The characteristics of testosterone are muscle development, deep voices, hair in the men’s body, and so on. It is the stage of puberty when a massive development takes place in the body due to the fluctuation of testosterone. A boy at this stage experiences a surge in the growth of his genitals. As a result, the quality and production of sperm increase followed by getting inclined to sexual activity.

The penile erection reaches the pinnacle at this development phase of the body, making you sexually potent and active. You can experience a noticeable increase in the penis size that gives you formidable manhood feel. Moreover, the sperm quality gets better with time during this phase. The one thing you need to keep in your head is all this takes place when testosterone in normal or higher.

In the case of low testosterone, the opposite results can be seen such as the enervated desire for sex, deteriorating overall health, vanishing stamina and energy, feeling irritable for no reason, and feeling unwanted, disturbed, stressed, and being unsocial. In such a case, taking natural testosterone booster can work, making you feel upbeat and unwind you in a jiffy.

Very few brands like Nutrafirst have authentic wellness solutions to treat such problems naturally. Testosterone booster supplements of Nutrafirst are formulated using five plant-derived ingredients that have proven history as an effective aphrodisiac. This supplement will help restore your energy and sex drive, supporting physical and mental satisfaction.

Resorting to everything that you are coming across is no less than a regretful decision if the repercussions make you fall sick again. We emphasize taking this extra strength testosterone booster to avert the decline in health especially libido. The five ingredients like Shilajit, Kaunch Beej, Ashwagandha, Shilajit, and vidarikanda make our testosterone booster a credible wellness solution, inexplicably considered to be the best to flush out toxins from the body. Your illnesses, weaknesses, and gloominess won’t harm your body anymore if incorporated taking such this best testosterone booster.

Benefits you can avail using a testosterone booster-

With having a good testosterone level in the body, your body produces red blood cells to enhance the cognitive level and bring a significant change in the mood. Testosterone starts falling down as you grow and make you feel weaker. By the time you reach in your 40s and 50s, the testosterone starts declining with no enthusiasm left for sex. Touching the age above 50 make these situations more devastating in the relationship, leaving no power in the body for romance and intercourse.

Sluggishness, Low sex drive, low vitality, dizziness, diminished bone density, low energy, reduced muscle mass, erectile dysfunctions, and anaemia are some of the major symptoms you can experience in the case of low testosterone. These symptoms are also addressed as hypogonadism – it is a diminished stage of the functioning of testicles or ovaries. Our best testosterone booster capsules curb the symptoms from developing and benefits you in the numbers of ways:

  • You stay aroused and potent for a long time
  • You achieve unprecedented and astonishing sexual power with unmatchable erection quality
  • The penis size increases with growth in girth
  • Establishes a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with a partner
  • Physical performance gets better and experiences improved overall health
  • Ramped up stamina level and higher vigor
  • Achieves higher confidence and more power

So, if you ever encounter such issues, make sure to follow the ayurvedic remedy like our testosterone booster and consult a doctor to identify the issues. Considering professional advice or adopting natural testosterone booster can result in a number of amazing health benefits.

Summer is around the corner and it’s just the time to make sure that your hair looks their best. The scorching sun and hot & moist environmental conditions can draw the moisture out from your hair and make them dull, lifeless and unmanageable. In such situations, you may want to explore the best remedy that can help make your hair strong, smooth and shiny. Well, the simple rule to keep your crowning glory in good health is to coat them with herbal oils regularly. Indeed, hair oiling has been an age-old remedy to curb a plethora of hair-related issues. Today, we are here with a piece of interesting information on hair oiling, its importance and benefits.

Why oiling makes an important hair care routine?

Have you ever wondered how your grandma managed to wear long, thick, and shiny hair all her life? Well, the answer lies in her hair care regime that involves massaging her scalp with essential oil regularly. Indeed, hair oiling has a multitude of benefits for your mane. Massaging your scalp by applying just the right pressure not only helps increase the supply of oxygen-rich blood but opens the pores on the scalp as well. Besides, oiling your hair regularly provides much-needed nutrition to the hair follicles, strengthens them, improves texture and stimulate faster hair growth.

best hair oil in india

How often should I oil my hair?

Since you now know the importance of oiling your hairs, it is obvious for you to think how often should you dunk your mane in essential oils? Well, most hair experts suggest oiling your hairs at least once or preferably twice in a week.

Which types of oil should I use?

At present, you may find the shelves of supermarkets, and pharmacies stacked with a range of cosmetic hair oils with impressive claims to boost the health of your hair magically. However; most of them may come laden with harsh chemicals that may do more harm to your tresses than good.

Most hair experts suggest using natural and herbal hair oil over cosmetic or synthetically produced hair oil. Nutrafirst hair regain oil is one of the best hair oils available in India. This ayurvedic formulation comes fortified with the power of rare Himalayan herbs such as Bhringraj, Olives, Neem oil, Coconut oil, Tusli, Chamomile, Lajwanti and Ashwagandha. Let’s quickly understand the ways these herbal extracts can improve the overall health of your hair.

Hair care benefits of hair regain oil-

This natural elixir can promote healthy hair in the following ways-

Bhringraj- Bringraj, also known as false daisy oil is most revered for its healthy properties and has been used for treating hair fall and promoting hair growth. It is highly effective in stopping hair fall, thinning of hairs, and stimulating faster hair growth. Besides, it keeps a check on hair discoloration.

Ashwagandha- Ashwagandha makes a wonderful stress-reliever and is believed to boost hair growth by calming the mind, improving the supply of oxygen-rich blood in the scalp and reducing the extent of hair fall.

Olives and coconut milk- It is no surprise that summer heat may draw moisture from your hair and leave them dull, coarse and brittle. Olives and coconut milk in this formulation seep inside the strands and lock in the moisture. Besides, these active ingredients improve the texture and impart a glossy sheen your mane.

Neem oil and Lajwanti- During summer days, your scalp deals with sweat, dust, and grime deposition on the scalp. These impurities can clog pores and even cause infections and allergies. Nutrafirst regain hair oil, in contrast, contains neem and lajwanti extract that are known for their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This hair oil diligently fights infections and promote a healthy scalp.

Where can I buy best hair oil in India?

You can buy best hair oil in India for men and women at the best price @ Nutrafirst and get free shipping, best discounts and safe method of payment on ayurvedic hair fall remedies.

Keto diet, also known as ketogenic diet, helps the body to release ketones into your bloodstream. The cells in our body are mostly dependent on the blood sugar, sourced from carbohydrates, to produce the energy. This is what our Keto advanced weight loss capsules do to your body and make it optimally function to help you achieve the slender look. Keto has proved to be a boon for weight loss strugglers and become a weapon to deal with obesity and fat body.

People’s daily lives, especially morning, entail what not to lose the unwanted body fat including energy-draining strenuous exercises. However, what they eventually get is nothing less a slap on the face because short terms results don’t last for long. The idea here is not to discourage you or hold you back from achieving your dream physique but make you realize to do it the right way. Keto diet pills serve the most unexpected benefits and ward off overweight problems.

It is because of obesity that causes many other health problems such as cardiovascular health, brain diseases, and laziness. Nowadays many brands in the name of keto diet give users adulterated supplements the aftermath of which makes the situation more vulnerable. Keto stands by you as long as you ensure to make it a part of your daily life and surely give you a jaw-dropping result.

keto diet pills

Our Keto weight loss supplements are gaining popularity, the reason behind is the blend of herbal ingredients that keep it ahead of other dietary supplements. Keto has delivered a vast number of positive results, giving people the most desirable gift of their life in the form of a great body. Our best keto diet pills help convert carbohydrates into glucose and then transport the same glucose to every part of the body. It fuels the brain to let the entire body function well.

Carbohydrates for obese people work like a toxic, causing the body to work slower than normal state followed by impairing body functions. These pure keto pills convert the fat into ketone bodies that come from carbohydrates. Before it could pose a threat by dysfunctioning the body organs, it alleviates the fat and eliminates it completely after a certain point.

The power of ingredients in Keto capsules for the reduction of fat:

The magic of losing unwanted fat lies in the power of ingredients used in Keto pills. These ingredients are very renowned, effective, and widely popular since ancient times, these ingredients induce the process of cutting fat without putting your body at risk. These are essential ingredients that along with fueling the brain also nourish the body.

The palatable taste is another underlying factor to make you fall in love with keto. The three evergreen ingredients found in the verdant greenery and lush forest makes it possible for you to get closer to your frail-looking dream. Garcinia cambogia, black pepper extract, and green coffee bean are three ingredients responsible to make Nutrafirst Keto supplements tremendously popular among people.

How you can take keto supplements?

We know that you badly need these best keto supplements to get rid of your belly fat. But before you rush to grab it, pay attention to all the necessary measures you have to take. Undoubtedly keto supplements have the potential to bring you in a shape aside from making your lifestyle healthy. However, excessive usage could be equally damaging. So, ensure to use it as is recommended in our bottle. The Keto supplements may leave you intimidated also if not followed as per the guidelines. Our supplements successfully follow the principles of keto low carb diet and offer you amazing health benefits along with weight loss.

The key points to keep in mind while taking Keto supplements are: you can limit your protein intake, ensure to keep up your electrolytes, incorporate drinking lots of water in your daily plan, gorge on foods only when you are actually hungry, and do regular exercise to speed up the process. If you show transparency and honesty to get desired and chiseled look, you are not too far from your dreams then.

If there is one thing that you believe has taken your personal relationship by storm is none other than sexual upheaval. It is not confined to you and us. At some point in time, it is common to stumble upon weakness during romance. The situation is not always hunky-dory when sharing love with a partner, the body sometimes doesn’t respond the way it does regularly. Our diet here plays a vital role in running the body. If the body doesn’t receive the required nutrients, you are sure to fall flat, struggling through a day in all indulgence including sexual activities.

When you encounter the decline in your voluptuous feelings and let away by the spontaneous passion gradually, it is high time, start pondering over it profoundly. The perpetual negligence will not only make your life meaningless but also get you in the self-abomination stage after a certain time. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to making your life web of troubles, so carefully examine what your body requires.

Shilajit capsules

No person wants to face inhibition in front of the partner for delible sexual symptoms, instead, makes efforts to show the side of sexual predator or feel flattered if got a chance to immerse in sensual moments. However, at times even with the turned on mood, you feel discouraged to reach the pinnacle of romance. It happens and can be commonly seen in most of the cases.

The reason being the lack of nutrition in the body. It is not necessary that the body will always be optimized and goes beyond the realms of extraordinary sex. What makes the situation worse is indulging more on processed food, taking too much stress, too much thinking, and sedentary lifestyle. These entire factors can be attributed to bad sex life.

Is natural remedy or testosterone booster is a solution?

Our body is a combination of several substances including protein, vitamins, and minerals that we get from food. What if we say only food is not enough to support the body health unless incorporated the right natural remedy or Ayurvedic testosterone booster. When the body falls short of nutrition deficiency, not only you notice the downfall in the health but also see your testosterone going down with each passing day. Low testosterone is the sign of depleting energy level, lower confidence, and enervated stamina.

The nutrition deficiency or some sort of weakness doesn’t allow the body to perform at its best or transcend sexual enthusiasm. Having such an attitude soon ends up leaving you helpless on the bed with irritation.  Feeling ecstatic and exquisite with uncontrollable arousal is what men desire when wrapped around their lady. From fondling sensitive parts to even groping their crotch, they go all their way out to satisfy their desire. Even the tedious day brimming with the onus of work doesn’t affect men if the ebullience to unleash the hidden monster is there.

As explained earlier, naturally keeping your active without herbal tonic is a challenging task for men. Though men and women both are vulnerable to sexual deficiencies but men largely get affected both physically and emotionally if encountered the downfall in sex life. This comes in the way of their career development, self-esteem, and happiness.

Women get upset in a jiffy if you lose the ability to impress or arouse them. This is the moment she eagerly waits for. So, to alleviate the encumbrance of sexual disorder, we discovered a unique formula to boost sexual wellness.

When we initiated and stepped out to comprehend as to what could be the perennial remedy to curb sexual disorder, Pure and original Shilajit is a name we had to resort to. History emphasizes its unique potential as to how it unfurls captivating moments between partners. Along with men, it also uplifts the desire of women and encourages both of them to build a healthy relationship.

Benefits of Shilajit capsules:

  • Shilajit improves the reproductive health and fertility in men
  • Shilajit reduces chronic fatigue syndrome and improves the functioning of mitochondria to promote your lost energy.
  • The antioxidant properties of shilajit alleviate the cellular damage that is linked to the aging process of the liver, heart, and skin. This shilajit encourages healthy aging by keeping the body protected from free radical damage.
  • Shilajit reduces the risk of cardiovascular damage and keeps your heart protected. It’s the antioxidant properties that don’t let the heart get weaker.
  • The fulvic acid found in shilajit supports the functioning of the brain health
  • When the cells in your body are nourished, your production of energy improves; therefore, you feel more active and energized and perform better than your normal state.
  • Shilajit enhances the testosterone levels naturally and protects muscle tissue from breaking down, bring a change in the mood, and maintain overall health.

Where to buy best Shilajit brand in India?

You can buy best Shilajit capsules online in India at the best price and get free shipping at your home @ Nutrafirst.

Green coffee capsules have carved a niche in the fitness arena for all good reasons. Indeed, most fitness experts suggest taking green coffee capsules as one of the most effective methods to achieve a well-chiseled physique. Today, we will be reviewing green coffee’s effectiveness as a natural fat-burner and the best ways to use it. But, before we start unveiling the truth, let’s first know about it in detail.

What is green coffee?

Green coffee bean extract is the herbal extract that is derived from raw or unprocessed coffee cherries grown in organic orchards in tropical regions. Originally, the coffee kernels boast a light green tint, hence known as green coffee bean. These unroasted kernels have a relatively high nutritional value as compared to the roasted, brown coffee beans. Notably, raw coffee beans contain a higher amount of chlorogenic acid and a moderate amount of caffeine that makes it a potent supplement for triggering healthy weight loss. For this reason; many pharmaceutical companies have come up with green coffee bean extract capsules as natural fat-burner.

green coffee capsules

Green coffee bean extract vs. weight loss-

Undoubtedly, well-regulated metabolism plays a key role in instigating healthy weight loss. Green coffee capsules contain a high concentration of chlorogenic acid that is believed to boost your body’s metabolism and speed up its fat-burning processes. Apart from that, this ayurvedic supplement comes power-packed with a moderate amount of caffeine that instantly wakes you up from lethargies and provides you with an instant splash of energy. This, in turn, increases your athletic endurance and keeps you active during workout sessions. Thus, green coffee Bean capsules allow you to burn a few extra calories healthily and naturally.

Other impressive health benefits of green coffee-

Generally, pure green coffee beans are sold as an herbal weight loss supplement for both men and women. However; it has a variety of associated health benefits apart from weight loss. Some of the other impressive health benefits of green coffee capsules are-

  • Better digestive health
  • Improved energy levels
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Healthier heart
  • Lower stress

How to use green coffee capsules?

Using green coffee capsules is just a walk in the park. To reap the best health benefits of this organic weight loss supplement, you are recommended to take 1 capsule, twice daily (at least 30-40 minutes before meals) with a glass of lukewarm water. Also, note that each of these capsules should be taken at a different time interval and should not be doubled up to compensate for a missed dosage.

Where can I buy the best green coffee capsules in India?

You can buy premium-quality, authentic and safe green coffee bean capsule online in India With Best Price

Combating those nasty dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes is perhaps the most challenging things for most men and women across the globe. The reason is quite obvious; your under-eye skin is much delicate than the skin on the rest of the face, and thus it indicates your overall health and signs of ageing faster. It is no surprise that most of get a little time to pay attention to the health of our under-eye skin amidst the busy schedule and often consider concealing those under-eye circles with the layers of makeup. But, you must know that practising such methods as a quick fix to enhance your outer appearance can do more harm than good. So, why not take care of them instead of hiding? Well, read on to know the simple yet effective tips to lighten under-eye circle, reduce puffiness, wrinkles and delay the signs of ageing naturally.

1. Limit the use of gadgets-

In recent times, most of us spend long hours staring at the computer screen or smartphones. These electronic devices emit blue light and radiation that puts a strain on your eyes, which, in turn, dilates the blood vessels around your eyes and cause hyperpigmentation. As per beauty experts, it is always the best to limit your gadget time at the workplace by going for a small walk post-lunch and restricting the use of smartphones at home.

2. Stay hydrated-

Water makes up around 60% of your total body weight. Considering this fact, it may not be a surprise that dehydration or drinking a little amount of water throughout the day may result in under-eye bags. Experts suggest drinking 13 cups of water for men and 9 cups for women per day to fend off dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness around eyes.

3. Use a cold compress-

Dark circles can be related to fatigue and stress as well. In such scenarios, using a cold compress can help restrict the flow of blood in your under-eye skin and provide temporary relief. Although you may find a range of cold compress in pharmacies and supermarkets, it is always the best to make your favourite cold compress using cooling and hydrating ingredients such as ice cube, cucumber and aloe vera.

4. Sleep more-

Sleep deprivation can make your skin pale, thus enhancing the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. Catching up more sleep, in contrast, can help you reduce dark circles, fatigue, and wrinkles around your under-eye area. Besides, during sleep, your body repairs from every day’s wear and tear and rejuvenate the skin as well.

5. Use herbal under-eye cream and serum-

Under-eye cream make one of the convenient and effective ways to lighten dark circles, and improving the overall health of your under-eye area. At present, you may find numerous brands coming up with under-eye creams and serums that claim to lighten dark circles magically. In such situations, chances are there that you may end up buying a product that is laden with harmful chemicals.

In contrast, beauty experts suggest using herbal products that are formulated using medical-grade botanical extracts to lighten dark circles and improving the overall health of your under-eye skin. Nutrafirst is one such Indian brand that strives hard to provide its customers with premium-quality eye serum for dark circles at a reasonable price.

If you are one of those struggling with the annoying problem of dark circles, follow any of these tips and get ready to explore fresh and younger-looking eyes naturally.

Losing a few extra pounds is a difficult weight loss goal for most of us. In recent times of helter-skelter, busy work schedules, low physical activity and over-dependence on junk, most men and women are affected by some degrees of unwanted weight gain. In such situations, keto diet pills can come to your rescue and help you whittle down those layers of fat across your body healthily and naturally. Before we begin discussing the ways these dietary pills can transform your body into a fat-burning machine, let’s first know about them in detail.

What is a keto diet pill?

Keto diet pills are the new-age dietary supplement that works to burn extra body fat by pushing your body in the natural state of ketosis. This ayurvedic supplement comes fortified with powerful botanical extracts that potent enough to regulate your metabolism to trigger healthy weight loss. These weight loss capsules work similarly as a conventional ketogenic diet does. For those who don’t know about the ketogenic diet- it is an eating plan that contains minimal carbohydrates (5-10%), moderate protein (15-20%) and high fats (70 to 81%). Although the conventional ketogenic diet forms an effective treatment for weight loss, most people find sticking to it for long quite difficult, and they may skip the idea of the following diet regimen completely. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies have come up with ketogenic diet extracts in the form of pills that are not only easy to use but as effective as a traditional keto diet.

Keto diet pills and weight loss-

Keto diet pills aim at triggering fat-burn by pushing your body into the state of ketosis. It is your body’s natural state in which the level of blood glucose falls drastically and your body starts looking for another fuel source for energy. In such scenarios, it switches its fuel mode and initiates the breakdown of extra body fats into ketones. These smaller molecules are then released into the bloodstream and transported to other body parts. Thereafter, these ketones are consumed by other body cells for energy, thus leading to weight loss. Also, you should understand that your cells expel extra water and the weight you lose during initial days is known as ‘water weight loss.’

How to use keto diet pills?

Keto capsules are easy to use. To reap their best weight loss benefits, you are recommended to take 1 capsule, twice daily (at least 30 minutes before meals) with a glass of lukewarm water.

Where can I buy the best keto diet pills in India?

You can buy premium-quality, safe and effective Keto advance weight loss capsules at an affordable price online in India by clicking here.

In modern times, nutritional deficiencies are not uncommon. Indeed, Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most common types of nutritional deficiencies that have affected several men and women across the globe. These deficiencies not only signify a nutritional gap but can lead to different health maladies as well. However; taking Omega-3 supplements such as Salmon fish oil capsules can help you stay fit, active and healthy. Let’s know more about it.

What is Salmon fish oil?

Salmon fish oil is an organic oil that is derived from fatty fishes of the same name. This pure and organic liquid comes enriched with DHA and EPA, two of the most vital omega-3 fatty acids we all need. Some other fishes that make a wonderful source of this natural elixir are tuna, mackerel, sardines etc. Indeed, WHO recommends taking two servings of fatty fishes per week to prevent Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency and keeping in good health.  However; you may find it difficult to keep a check on your diet amidst the busy schedule. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies are coming up with salmon fish oil in the form of capsules that are not only fortified with essential micronutrients but are super easy to use as well.

best fish oil capsules

Health benefits of Salmon fish oil capsules-

Since, best fish oil capsules contain a wide range of essential micronutrients, these organic pills carry a host of health benefits. Some of the most impressive advantages of Salmon fish oil capsules as follows-

1. Improved inflammatory response-

Are you one of those who often experience swollen joints and numb fingers? It may be a sign of an inflammatory or autoimmune disorder. You must understand that a little inflammation is beneficial for health; however, chronic or too much of it can leave you in discomfort. Salmon fish oil contains anti-inflammatory agents that can effectively cut down inflammation in your body, dilate blood vessels and relax muscles. Also, it is highly beneficial for those suffering from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

2. Clear vision-

Macular degeneration and blurred vision are two of the most annoying health problems that come with old age. Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA (a kind of Omega-3 fatty acid) forms a key component of the retina in our eyes. Also, these natural salmon fish oil capsules come filled with a generous amount of DHA that help prevent macular degeneration and improves vision, especially during old age.

3. Lower stress and depression-

Salmon fish oil capsules contain bioactive compounds that effectively lower the extent of cortisol production in the body, reduce stress and lower the chances of other mental health problems such as the postpartum depression. Some studies revealed that women who took Salmon fish oil pills during pregnancy are found to be at a lower risk of developing postpartum depression as compared to non-users.

4. Improved brain health-

Have you ever wondered why most malt drinks and protein powders contain DHA as an active ingredient? Well, it is because; this active ingredient performs different vital functions in the body, prominently, cognitive functions. Our brain is made up of 60 percent of fats, most of which are Omega-3. DHA found in Salmon fish oil capsules improve cognitive health and prevent a range of cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, memory problems and age-related macular degeneration.

How to use fish oil capsules-

Salmon fish oil capsules are simple to use. For best results, you can take 1 capsule, preferably after a meal with a glass of lukewarm water.

Where can I buy the best Salmon fish oil capsules?

You can buy the best salmon fish oil capsules at Nutrafirst is a reputed brand that believes in providing its customers with 100 % natural, safe and effective health supplements.

Garcinia Cambogia is a buzzword in the fitness industry for all good reasons. At present, many nutrition and fitness experts recommend taking Garcinia Cambogia capsules to all those people who want to achieve well-chiselled physique healthily and naturally. Today, we will be reviewing its effectiveness in weight management and associated health benefits.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is a greenish-yellow, fleshy fruit that is native to southwestern coasts of India and other Asian countries. This citrus fruit holds a folk culinary importance and is being used to add a dash of sourness to traditional curries and chutneys. However; in the late 60s, researchers identified the presence of Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in its rind and touted it as a potent fat-burner. In recent times, the extract of Garcinia Cambogia fruit is widely marketed as a natural weight loss supplement in the form of capsules.


Garcinia Cambogia vs. weight loss-

While fitness experts promote Garcinia Cambogia extract as a wonderful fat-burner, it is natural for you to wonder what makes this herbal extract a potent weight loss supplement. Well, the answer to your question is stored in the rind of the fruit. Yes, the peel of Garcinia cambogia comes power-packed with Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a phytochemical that is believed to trigger healthy weight loss in the following ways-

  • It inhibits the action of citrate lyase, an enzyme in your body that carries out the conversion of carbohydrates into fats.
  • It uplifts the level of the brain chemical ‘Serotonin,’ also known as the happy hormone. This shift in the hormonal level helps reduce stress and uplifts your mood diligently. Also, the soluble fibre in these pills and imparts you a feeling of being full for longer and helps ward off unwanted hunger pangs under emotional circumstances.

Other health benefits of Garcinia Cambogia capsules-

Although Garcinia Cambogia capsules are primarily marketed as a weight-loss supplement, it offers numerous other health benefits as well. Some of the most impressive ones include-

  • Lower stress
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Enhanced energy level
  • Regulated blood sugar
  • Improved inflammatory response
  • Better immunity

How to use Garcinia Cambogia pills for weight loss?

To reap best weight loss results, you are recommended to take 1 capsule (at least30 minutes after meals), twice a day with a glass of lukewarm water.

Do I need to do intensive workouts to lose weight while taking Garcinia?

Undoubtedly; Garcinia Cambogia capsules make a potent fat-burner, you must know that no dietary supplement provides you with the best results without a workout. This is true for Garcinia as well. By saying so, we don’t mean you to hit the gym every day. But, ensuring a healthy diet and light exercising can improve the effectiveness of this organic fat-burner.

Which is the best brand to buy in India?

At present, you may find different brands coming up with Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplement in different varieties. To reap the best results, you should check the label for the safety and authenticity of the product before buying. Nutrafirst is a reputed brand that strives to provide its customers with premium-quality, authentic and safe dietary supplements. To buy Garcinia Cambogia capsules online at best price, visit Nutrafirst.

Intimacy plays an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. In modern times, many men are affected by a variety of sexual problems that not only reduce their self-confidence but can take a toll on their marriages or relationship as well. Safed Musli has become a new buzzword in the wellness industry as a natural remedy for combating general sexual disorders. Apart from that, it benefits your overall health in many ways. But, before we begin to roll out the list, let’s first understand more about it.

What is Safed Musli?

Safed Musli (Swet Musli), scientifically known as Chlorophytum borivilianum is a rare herb that is widely grown in India. The tuberous bulb of the herb forms a rich source of essential micronutrient such as polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens etc. It holds prime importance in Ayurveda for its aphrodisiac properties and makes an active ingredient for a variety of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Unani formulations. At present, many companies are launching Safed Musli capsules as a natural remedy for sexual as well as general health problems. This herbal ingredient can be used by both men and women.

Safed Musli

Some impressive health benefits of Safed Musli capsules-

1.  Improves sexual health-

White Musli root extract is known for its wonderful aphrodisiac properties and has been used to treat a variety of sexual disorder in men and women. It comes power-packed with saponins, vitamins, alkaloids, proteins, steroids, carbohydrates, and polysaccharides that make it a potent remedy for improving male performance, spermatogenesis and providing strength to the muscles. Besides, it uplifts the level of testosterone naturally and helps relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in males. Also, a regular intake of Safed Musli capsules may reduce pre-menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and mood fluctuations in women.

2. Reduces inflammation-

A little inflammation is good for your body; however, chronic inflammation can give rise to numerous ailments. Apart from being an amazing aphrodisiac, Safed Musli forms an excellent remedy for a variety of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatic arthritis, gout, muscle stiffness and digestive problems.

3. Promotes digestive health-

Digestion plays a crucial role in maintaining your overall wellness. In recent times of unhealthy food habits, many people are likely to develop a variety of gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, irritable bowel disease or even ulcerative colitis. The anti-inflammatory agents in pure Safed Musli capsules lower down the inflammation in the digestive tract and reduce the risk of these problems.

4. Lowers stress-

Stress is a major contributor to sexual health problems in both men and women. Safed Musli is also known for its aphrodisiac properties that diligently calm the mind and uplift mood. Apart from this, it stimulates the production of sex hormones in the body and enhances sexual health as well.

5. Regulates blood sugar-

Safed Musli capsules contain anti-glycemic properties and are highly effective in reducing insulin spikes and fluctuation in blood glucose. Besides, the antioxidants present in this organic compound protect the pancreas and other body organs against oxidative stress.

How to take Safed Musli capsules?

To reap the best benefits of Safed Musli supplement, you are recommended to take 1 capsule (at least 30 minutes after a meal), twice daily with a glass of lukewarm water or milk.

Where can I buy the best Safed Musli capsules?

You can buy best Safed Musli capsule online for men and women in India by clicking here. Get free shipping at your doorsteps with COD facilities on general wellness products.